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Trustman is a premier Legal Process Outsourcing (“LPO”) that takes pride in providing very cost-effective, high-quality, secure, technology-enabled and process-efficient Legal Outsourcing Services. Our focus is to develop deep & long-term strategic relationships with our clients by acting as strategic advisors and by helping them to add value to their business. We act as a partner and not as a simple vendor.

Our objective is to deliver maximum values through cost savings, enhanced productivity with highest standard of quality ethical outsourcing services and continuous process improvement and cutting edge technology. Trustman delivers value for money through our proven flexible and transparent delivery and engagement model Download our Legal Outsourcing India presentation  For further information, please contact (US Office) or Kaviraj Singh at (india office)

Trustman offers…

  • Reduced Costs from 40% to 80%
  • Dedicated staff as per your requirements on monthly retainer ship basis Increased Time Efficiency Improved Work Quality Expert Global Sourcing Highest Ethical Standard

In today’s competitive, worldwide legal market; effective legal support requires a combination of legal capabilities: the ability to deliver highest quality, clearly stated legal BPO service, deep knowledge of client markets and their individual commercial and regulatory standards; acceptance by regulators; and perhaps most importantly, common sense understanding of the client’s commercial objectives. When you require legal BPO Service in relation to: legal research, litigation support, patent, Paralegal LPO services etc.

Legal  Outsourcing (LPO) are the following.

E Disovery, Debt Colelction, Intellectual Property Law, Patent, trademark, Contract Monitoring Outsourcing, Contract Management  Outsourcing, Document Review Outsourcing, Electronic Discovery  Outsourcing, Litigation Support,  Medico-Legal Outsourcing, Medical Malpractice  Litigation Support Outsourcing, Litigation Document  Management Outsourcing, Bankruptcy Filing Outsourcing, Legal Pleadings  Outsourcing, Legal document outsourcing, Legal Pleadings & Documentation, Legal Research Outsourcing, Paralegal Outsourcing Services, Contract Drafting  Services & Contract Monitoring/Management, Document Review, Electronic  Discovery and Litigation Services, Bankruptcy Filing, Pleadings &  Documentation, Legal Research, Paralegal Support Services, Contract Drafting Outsourcing, Patent drafting, Simple legal filings, Legal Publications, Proof  reading, Litigation support.


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