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C5’s 10th Freedom to Operate Forum

C5’s 10th Freedom to Operate Forum on May 15 - May 16, 2013 in Frankfurt brings together eminent in-house counsel from the world’s largest pharma, biotech and chemical companies and their expert advisors from a range of jurisdictions including the US, Europe and Asia. Based on their first-hand experience, the distinguished panel will provide you with…


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BT - Telinit End Patent Dispute

Case Filed: Oct 12, 2012

Case Closed: Apr 24, 2013…

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Patents and Patent Types: Free Webinar

The next Patexia IP Matters webinar will teach you more of the basics of patent knowledge, focusing on patents and patent types

The webinar will take place at 1:30PM ET on May 9th, and last for 20 minutes. Daniel Porter, case research manager at Patexia, will be presenting.

Register for the webinar to learn more about:

  • The three different types of patents
  • Parts of a patent and what each part contributes to the…

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The Commercialisation of Solar R&D

Following the success of our patent landscape report on the photovoltaics…


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Verdict Reached in AT&T Mobility et al. vs. Vehicle IP Lawsuit

Case Filed: Dec 31, 2009

Case Closed: Apr 19, 2013…

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Sandoz and Shire Enter a Settlement Agreement

On April 27, 2011, a case was filed against Sandoz, a subsidiary of Novartis and generic drug maker for infringing the Shire Patents. …

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Two Fantastic Updates to Free Patent Search Tools: Espacenet and PATENTSCOPE - The Intellogist Blog

Learn about the new citation viewing features for INPADOC families on Espacenet, and find out the coverage of PATENTSCOPE’s new US collection!

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Verdict in Apple, E-Contact Tech Lawsuit

Plaintiff: E-Contact Techs



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WORLD IP DAY 2013: Next-Gen Technology

In preparation for World IP Day tomorrow, ClearViewIP took a look back at our infographic series tracing next-generation technologies: http://bit.ly/14cP9Hq…


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The inventor community

This paper explains how a company can identify and categorise its inventor community. Any company that is serious about innovation should be able to identify where that innovation comes from, and who are the primary sources of its innovative ideas. There are of course many aspects to this inventor community such as who are they, how do they operate, why is this…


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AstraZeneca, Lupin End Patent Dispute

AstraZeneca filed a case against Indian generic drug maker, Lupin in November 2012 for filing Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) no. 20403 with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking approval to manufacture a generic version of AstraZeneca’s Seroquel XR 200 mg extended release tablets. The patent involved in the suit is US5948437 entitled ‘Pharmaceutical compositions…

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Headgear Technology & IP: A Patent Landscape

Earlier this year, our Senior Consultant, Benoit Geurts and Technology Analyst, Robin Walton presented at the Helmet…


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Toshiba, Canatelo Settle Lawsuit

Canatelo  filed a lawsuit against Toshiba on Feb 2013 (3:13-cv-01086) asserting the claims covered in the US patents 7310111 and 6476858, both entitled ‘Video monitoring and security system’ and currently assigned[i] to Canatelo (source: MaxVal’s Assignment Database).…


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Consulting Experts – The Danger of Discovery

by Maggie Tamburro

When, if ever, is initial expert consulting work performed by assistants to a testifying expert in danger of being subject to discovery by an opposing party?

Wait – you say – the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure protect against another party’s discovery of consulting experts retained in anticipation of litigation who are not expected to be called at trial. But at…


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Patent Litigation Resolved between Medicis and Actavis

On August 2012, Medicis filed a complaint against Actavis for infringing the patent US8236816. The patent is entitled ‘2.times.2.times.2 week dosing regimen for treating actinic keratosis with pharmaceutical compositions formulated with 3.75 % imiquimod’. The patent was issued in Aug 2012 and expires[i] in Dec 2029. The patent is currently…


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Data Carriers and Samsung et al. reach Settlement

Data Carriers, a non-practicing company that a holds number of technology patents, had filed lawsuits against Samsung, Barnes & Noble, HTC and AT&T in Mar, 2013 in the District Court of Delaware, which have now come to a close. The suits were filed for infringement of US patent number 5388198 entitled ‘Proactive presentation of automating features to a computer user’. The patent was issued on Feb 07 1995 and…


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New IP Blog here - iplaw.hu

HI everyone!

Let me introduce my IP blog (iplaw.hu), which has a Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iplawblog?sk=wall), Twitter (https://twitter.com/IPLawBlog) and Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/mezobarnabas/) profile as well. The blog deals with mainly trademark, domain name and design issues.

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Searcher.io: Simple and Powerful Patent Analysis

Searcher.io is a patent search and analysis tool developed by Docracy Inc, already known for their library of open source contracts. Searcher.io enables users to effectively analyze large amounts of text for linguistic similarities to existing patent applications, in a simpler and more affordable way.  And before you acquire expensive legal and…


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INFOGRAPHIC: Home Health Diagnostics, Microfluidics & IP

With the Med-Tech Innovation Expo now in full swing and with ClearViewIP's interest in medical technology, we took a look back at our previous patent landscape report on Home Health Diagnostics, Microfluidics & IP to identify the key players in the market and predict which technologies may…


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Cyclacel and Celgene Settle Dispute for $5.5 Million

A declaration of non-infringement was filed on Apr 27, 2010 by Celegene against a series of patents owned by Cyclacel - ‘Skov Patents’ listed below:

  • 6403555 entitled Depsipeptide and congeners thereof for use as immunosuppressants
  • 6548479 entitled…

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