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NovelPoint Security and Verbatim Americas Settle Patent Dispute

Case Filed: Feb 01, 2013

Case Closed: May 24, 2013

Judge: Rodney Gilstrap…

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Galderma Settles Generic Epiduo Patent Suit with Par Pharmaceutical

Galderma Laboratories filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of Texas against Watson Pharmaceuticals.  Watson submitted an ANDA (abbreviated new drug application) no. 204067 seeking approval to engage in the commercial manufacture of generic Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, which according to…

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Vermont Takes Legal Action Against Patent Trolls

The State of Vermont has decided to take action against patent trolls by passing a statute that allows the target of a bad faith demand letter by a troll to sue the troll and recover damages.  Read about the new statute here.

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$3000 Licensing Search on a Technology for Reducing Stent Thrombosis

There's a new licensing search contest at Patexia on a technology for reducing stent thrombosis.

Patexia is looking for evidence of commercial uses of magnesium-containing compounds to prevent or inhibit thrombosis, or blood clotting within a vessel, associated with the insertion of stents.

There's $3000 for the best answers and you can win money by referring the winner as well.…


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AstraZeneca, Apotex Settle Suit over Crestor Patent

Case Filed: Apr 17, 2010

Case Closed: May 24, 2013…

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Apple and Cequint Conclude Case over Caller ID

Case Filed: Dec 12, 2011

Case Closed: May 23, 2013…

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Celegen, Novartis, IntelliPharmaceutics Resolve ADHD Suit

Three patent disputes between pharma companies for filing abbreviated new drug application were resolved on Tuesday. One among them is the Celgene Corporation vs.…

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Patent troll withdraws suit against Sony over drag, tap and scroll

Case Filed: Sep 05, 2012

Case Closed: May 20, 2013

Judge: Michael H. Schneider

Court: Texas Eastern District…

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Patent Strategy Lesson: Shaping Patent Claims to Match Changing Markets

It is common practice, with many inventions, to always have at least one application pending in the United States so additional claims can be written by filing Continuation or Divisional applications. It is a sign of good patent strategy when a company follows this practice since it allows them to shape their claims to cover new entrants to the field or changing market conditions. Continuation applications allow for the situation “where an applicant may not have exhausted all useful ways…

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Verdict in Purdue, Varam Suit over OxyContin

Purdue, a biopharmaceutical company has reached a settlement agreement on May 16, thereby ending a patent

dispute over Varam’s plans to make a generic version of Purdue’s OxyContin® brand of oxycodone hydrochloride.…


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$3000 Licensing Search in Stem Cells

Patexia is hosting a new contest looking for evidence of commercial uses and licensing opportunities for a method of generating a large quantity of neural progenitor cells by culturing whole bone marrow.

Sources must demonstrate use by a commercial entity in the year 2007 or later.

You can see the contest here:

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The UK Patent Box tax regime came into effect on 1st April 2013. With the benefits of the regime now fully available to all UK companies, ClearViewIP took a look at the savings on offer, the criteria to meet and how the UK is shaping up in relation to other European countries.

For further information on the UK Patent Box and how ClearViewIP can help you get the most out of the initiative, please see our briefing note: …


Added by ClearViewIP on May 21, 2013 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

Lenovo settles with Patent Troll over User Interface Patent

Case Filed: Oct 27, 2012
Case Closed: May 16, 2013…


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The essence of IP in a modern economy

Well, this is something that one could write about for his Ph.D graduation work , I suppose … As I never graduated any universities, I just take it as  my homework  :))  But don’t you worry – I would not go for a long as I like to crack this nut real’ fast for you !

Yes, you can go through various figures and long line of numbers to explain the importance of intellectual property for economical growth. The …


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INFOGRAPHIC: Electric Vehicles, Hybrids & IP

Following the World Electric Vehicle Summit, ClearViewIP took a look back at our patent landscape to trace the developments in the industry and identify the role intellectual property has played:…


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Searching for Beauty: How to Search for US Plant Patents - The Intellogist Blog

Spring is here, and since the azaleas are blooming and gardens everywhere are looking lovely, I thought I’d honor spring by writing a quick primer on searching for U.S. plant patents.

Added by Joelle Mornini on May 19, 2013 at 7:29pm — No Comments

10 Tips for Managing Litigation for Superior Results and Cost Savings

Earlier this year, a U.S. District Court approved the payment of $308 million in attorney fees to 116 law firms in a single case (TFT-LCD Antitrust Litigation), with one firm receiving $75 million in fees and another receiving $49 million. While that case may be an extreme example, the median hourly rate for partners in U.S. law firms is $625 per hour and the average patent lawsuit…


Added by Chris Neumeyer on May 19, 2013 at 5:19am — 3 Comments

The Linear Law of Patent Analysis Revisited

A framework for performing patent analysis projects is provided. The workflow was developed fourteen years ago and the method for structuring analytics projects for maximum impact and accuracy are still relevant and important today. Too often groups will structure their investigations on the tools they have on hand as opposed to starting with a business need and developing a hypothesis to be explored. Starting with the tool can lead to suboptimal and potentially confusing results and should…


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MacroSolve Case against Kroger Dismissed

Case Filed: Feb 25, 2013

Case Closed: May 14, 2013…


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Texas Court Dismisses Lawsuit against HTC

Case Filed: Mar 12, 2012

Case Closed: May 10, 2013

Judge: Barbara M.G. Lynn

Court: Texas…

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