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Free Online Courses for Database Searching - The Intellogist Blog

We highlight where you can find free webinars and educational resources about patent and non-patent literature searching in a variety of databases in our new Intellogist Blog post!

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Track down articles your colleagues can’t find

Kristin Whitman shares top tips about how to find documents using unique document numbers and identifiers. This will help you on your next search!
Check out the Intellogist Blog: http://intellogist.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/track-down-articles-your-colleagues-cant-find/

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Finding Patent Reform Editorials at Factiva.com - The Intellogist Blog

The patent reform editorials have been overloading my newsfeed lately, so I decide to try searching for them in the NPL search system Factiva. Read about the results over at the Intellogist Blog!

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LexisNexis TotalPatent adds Japanese-to-English machine translations within 2 weeks of publication

The collection of Japanese patent applications on TotalPatent, has recently been completed with machine translation for titles, abstracts, descriptions and claims. The translations of the applications are available within 2 weeks of publication, in order to offer users a broader range of searching possibilities and to increase the recall immediately after publication.…


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Can you keep up with the times? Changing taxonomies in biotech searching

At PIUG 2011 I learned about a new product that will be critical for searchers in the biotech area:  Names-for-Life semantically tags patent data with the most current biological taxonomy for organism names, helping searchers evaluate references and build search strategies on sound information.


To read more, please visit…


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4 Free Online Communities for IP Professionals - The Intellogist Blog

The Intellogist blog discusses 4 free online communities for IP professionals, featuring ipInsiders!

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What are the basics of Copyright Protection?

What are the basics of Copyright Protection?


The most basic level of copyright protection is automatic - the moment you produce a tangible work of art or other intellectual property and do not release your copyright to others, you are protected under US copyright law. That means the moment you write sheet music or record a song even with your laptop on your kitchen table, or paint a painting, or print a photograph, you have created a piece of intellectual property that…


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Why Solopreneurs Need Trademark Protection

Why Solopreneurs Need Trademark Protection


Your trademark, like your name, is your identity, because as a solopreneur, your business is yours and yours alone. And unlike your name, which you most probably did not choose, you worked and thought long and hard before you decided on your business trademark. You should have chosen a name that is unique, and that cannot be confused with the trademark of any other business, whether it is in a field similar to yours or has…


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The Problem with Patent Keyword Highlighting

We examine how keyword highlighting can malfunction within a patent search system, and we have a fun rant about sports as well over on the Intellogist® Blog.



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Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

At the end of …


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View multiple patent images at once in PatSnap

The Intellogist® Blog takes a look at a feature of PatSnap that shows users many patent document images at once. Is this a good replacement for Google Patents Cover View? We let you know the pluses and minuses!



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An Interview with Matthew Rodgers: Instructor of PRG’s The Art and Science of Patent Searching

We sit down with Matthew Rodgers to discuss the nuances of patent searching in this special interview over at the Intellogist Blog.

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Apple Growing Clouds

Apple faces just another trademark infringement lawsuit with regard to their iProducts family.


This time it's iCloud's turn and the infringement proceedings ground on unfair competition and false designation.


Read more on the Reguligence Weblog



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CrowdIPR is close to pilot projects, looking for researchers!

The current innovation and intellectual property system is faced with serious problems as the total number of patent filings is increasing (3,71M in 2003 v. 6,37M in 2008) and innovation processes are globalizing at a rapid pace. The information overload and fragmentation has caused a massive patent backlog as well…


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Godly Powers: A Mystical US Patent Application - The Intellogist Blog

The Intellogist Blog takes a look at one of the strangest US patent applications to ever pass through the USPTO.

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Espacenet v. EAPATIS: Free Regional Patent Search Systems Compared, Part 1 and 2- Intellogist Blog

How does the search system for the Eurasian Patent Office, EAPATIS, compare to the EPO's Espacenet?  Read our two part post over at the Intellogist blog to read about the battle of the regional patent office search systems!

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Free Bulk Patent Downloading Tools Reviewed, Plus news about Google Patents

I recently wrote a roundup of 5 free bulk patent downloading systems, sites, and tools over on the Intellogist Blog, here:



I also wrote a quick opinion piece about Google Patents no longer having one of its best features: Cover View:…


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Intellectual Property Blogs Review

To search, what IP bloggers are writing about, you can use IP Blogs search here on front page of ipInsiders.





New blogs added to Intellectual Property Blogs Search Engine




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