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New intellectual property blogs added to IP Blogs Search

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646. the CAS-IP blog -… Continue

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Free to Play (Developers Corner)

Free to play is the newest model for income-producing games. Here are some authoritative articles to help familiarize you with this new game model. No cases, since free-to-play is so new, especially to the North American model.

Game design as marketing: How game mechanics create demand for virtual goods

Read the rest here

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'Mighty Mouse' eats ‘Apple’

Apple will now have to abandon use of MIGHTY MOUSE for its products as United States Patents and Trademarks Office has awarded “MIGHTY MOUSE” trademark to Man & Machine (Small computer-peripheral manufacturer) for its rugged waterproof computer mouse, after the company filed a suit against Apple in 2008. Man & Machine was first to introduce the mark in 2004 and Apple introduced its Mighty Mouse computer mouse several months thereafter. Apple argued that it had licensed the name from… Continue

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Those interested in protecting their inventions in Thailand, would be delighted to know that December 24, 2009 onwards it shall be possible to designate Thailand in International PCT Applications. But for PCT applications filed before 24 December 2009, they would not be able to enter PCT national phase in Thailand and are required to file convention patent applications in Thailand under the Paris Convention route.

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Bizarre ideas: Walking through walls & Recording Human Soul

While sorting my bookmarks, I found some science fiction ideas, published in US patent applications.

US2006014125 Walking through walls training system

This invention is a training system which enables a human being to acquire sufficient hyperspace energy in order to pull the body out of dimension so that the person can walk through solid… Continue

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European patent application filings per European patent attorney

Couple of weeks ago Axel H. Horns wrote in his blog "Is There A European Patent Attorney Deficit?".

Inspired of that topic and according to EPO's latest statistics "European patents and patent applications - 2008" I made a little calculation and found that probably the… Continue

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Funny patents: Spiral patent office

A building for housing an ordered collection of items-for example, a library, archive, or patent office-places the items along a spiral arm (1), and makes the items easily movable with wheeled cases, so that the collection can grow. Preferably the spiral is housed in a spiral building arm starting at a central building (2) and winding outward, with interconnecting legs (2) providing access to the far reaches of the arm. The building never becomes too… Continue

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Not just a rubber !

Estonian shale industry has got some cutting edge technology developers. Read more @ www.estinventor.com ...

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Grab the badge and get featured!

Grab the badge and get featured member status!

How to do it - on main page's left sidebar you'll see the badge and button "Get badge". Click on "Get badge" button, customize it and copy the embed code to your wepbage or blog. Let us know about it and you will be… Continue

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Examples of patent jargon

In the European Patent Academy's patent teaching kit there are interesting examples of patent jargon in sub-module "Searching for patents".

Here is short extract of examples of patent jargon:

writing instrument = pen

a plurality of balls = ball bearing

spherical object with floppy filaments to promote sure capture = toy ball

electrical power source for electronic circuits =… Continue

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