November 2010 Blog Posts (15)

European Patent Office improves access with Google translations

The Intellogist Blog looks at this news and examines what it means for the future of the EPO, Google, and human translation.

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3 rules to use when designing a patent search system interface

Although we all struggle with graphical user interfaces every day, most

of us will wind up blaming ourselves for our lack of success; actually,

sometimes it’s just poor design that makes an application frustrating to

use. I’m currently taking a design course, and I’m amazed how many

interfaces that I interact with in everyday life don’t meet some simple

criteria for good “usability,” the ease-of-use and learning curve

needed to become proficient on a… Continue

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Thankful for Patents - Frying Turkeys!

Over at the Intellogist Blog we take a look at some turkey deep fryers and how not to burn your house down with a couple helpful patents:

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Top 5 Worst Mistakes in a Patent Search

New Intellogist Blog post talks about the terrible ways you can go wrong during your patent search!

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Innography: a source for international litigation data

Information about Innography's new international litigation content is now available from the Intellogist Blog, the URL below. We've had lots of users with questions about international litigation sources, so the release of this collection is an exciting development.

Added by Kristin Whitman on November 18, 2010 at 1:32pm — No Comments

How TotalPatent answers the India content questions:

It is a much discussed topic at the moment:

Here's How TotalPatent answers The India content questions:

LexisNexis has about a third of a million patents from India in TotalPatent, all with English language Titles and about half with an English language Abstract. Although incomplete, currently the 22,000… Continue

Added by Ilona Demmers on November 18, 2010 at 6:39am — No Comments

Do not lose your IP freedom

IP Think Tank published an interesting article on the definition - Loss of IP freedom of action. According

to the article this is a condition in which users, partners and

competitors have intellectual property that may be used against you.

An example is when a company produces an innovative product which does not possess the…

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Old brands auction in New York

The New York Times

reported the news that an auction will be held for old and classic

brands and company names used decades ago in America, then their use

was discontinued.


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Items of interest: STN, Innography, and Fairview’s Alexandria

There are three interesting topics I am pursuing this week. There’s so much to write about I can’t keep up! I wanted to do a quick round-up to keep you all informed of the big happenings with STN, Innography, and Alexandria (a new product from Fairview Research).

To read the entire post, please see the Intellogist blog:…


Added by Kristin Whitman on November 17, 2010 at 12:00pm — No Comments

The Indian Patent Information Retrieval System reviewed on The Intellogist Blog

We look at what's there, how it works, and why it sometimes doesn't work:

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The New PatBase patent search system

The Intellogist Blog has highlights and impressions:

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The Intellogist Blog looks at the ipestonia Toolbar!!!

I thought this might be extra interesting to readers of this site :)

Added by Chris Jagalla on November 10, 2010 at 4:34pm — 1 Comment

Search Quirk of the Day

Every once in a while I am doing a project and come across the need to
perform what I assume will be a simple task in my patent search
software, and then find out that it just can’t be done.

To read more, please visit the original post at:

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Intellogist Blog - New Patent Search System: CPA Global Discover

The Intellogist Blog takes a preliminary look at this new offering:

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Are you effectively using Japanese File Index and F-terms?

As an English-speaking patent searcher, sure, you feel comfortable looking up US and IPC

classification codes. The classification schedules are easy enough to

browse, and you probably understand the hierarchical organization of the

systems pretty well. But what about Japanese patent searching – can you

use the Japanese national… Continue

Added by Kristin Whitman on November 1, 2010 at 5:10pm — No Comments

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