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Patent Bar Review Question of the Week #1 Answer and Analysis

PRG Academic Director Paul Gardner supplies an answer and analysis of this week's question, explaining the how's and why's that go beyond "just another multiple choice answer."

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What are your assignee searches missing?

The Intellogist team often gets questions about how to perform

comprehensive searches on all patents owned by a particular company. We

often refer these folks to our wiki Best

Practices article on Assignee Searching
, because we think it’s a

good overview of the challenges inherent in this type of searching, and

the strategies that can be used to overcome them. But one particular

point we’d like… Continue

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CAPIP.EU - new initiative in fight against counterfeiting and piracy

CAPIP.EU is a unique coalition against piracy with 23 law firms and offices in 29 jurisdictions. They offer legal services to rights holders in their fight against counterfeiting and piracy in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland. It is a coalition of independent law firms with strong local expertise in all European jurisdictions. To support this EU-wide service, CAPIP.EU member firms have… Continue

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Who will be the next winner in Intellectual Property Network?

Congratulations! The winner of May is Chris Jagalla from Intellogist/Landon IP!

Chris was also most active member in April.

Special thanks also to Nawab who has… Continue

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Chinese patent searching on a budget

Following news that Dialog is now offering SciPat’s full text database of English machine translations for Chinese patent documents, I’ve been taking a look at some free sources of Chinese patent information on the web. It’s a somewhat confusing landscape for the English language searcher trying to make sense of the Chinese patent search offerings, but there are a number of players to note.

To read more of this post, see… Continue

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Breaking news from the Dialog Customer Forum

Yesterday I attended the Dialog Customer Forum event, which was held at the USPTO’s Madison building in Alexandria, Virginia. As always happens at these events, there was far more information presented than I can summarize here, but suffice it to say that if you are a Dialog or a ProQuest customer, you will want to keep your eye out for the new product releases that these companies are planning for the near future.

To read more, see… Continue

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Google searches are being influenced

See how searches can be suggested and influenced when entering terms into Google at The Intellogist Blog:

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Docstoc - the online resource to find Intellectual Property documents

Docstoc provides the platform for users and businesses to upload and share their documents with all the world, and serves as a vast repository of documents in variety of categories including legal, business, financial, technology, educational, and creative. All documents on docstoc can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded for free.
Under category "Legal" you can find sub-categories… Continue

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[updated] iPhone apps for patent, trademark and copyright professionals

Apptorney IP

Apptorney: IP is designed to compile the web resources used by Intellectual Property professionals into one easy to use and navigate application. Search, file or monitor the status of… Continue

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Date online materials using the Internet Archive

We all know that the legal element of patent searching can add an interesting twist onto scientific and technical literature searches. Those of us in the Intellogist community who do lots of validity investigations, for example, know that it’s not only *if* material is publicly available, but *when* it was publicly available, that counts.

Read more at… Continue

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"Patent Landscapes" on Patent Lens

The Intellogist Blog takes a look at the "Patent Landscapes" on Patent Lens--detailed technology reports that can help you and gain expertise in subjects based on Agriculture, Environment, Health, and Medicine:

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Why Contributing to Intellogist Makes Sense

See how contributing to the patent knowledge on Intellogist can benefit you and the whole patent community over on The Intellogist Blog:

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Learn Practical Patent Analysis: A Case Study (Installment 4)

Learn how to utilize assignee data to gain the upper hand in competitive intelligence and spot licensing agreement opportunities within a complex patent analysis project on The Intellogist Blog:

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Problems at the EPO could affect your patent search speed

We’ve heard today from a couple of different sources that the European Patent Office’s Open Patent Services (OPS) server is experiencing some technical difficulties related to a recent upgrade to a new version. The service has been operating slowly and timing out frequently.

To read more of this post please see:… Continue

Added by Kristin Whitman on May 13, 2010 at 12:34pm — 1 Comment

Intellogist TotalPatent Report Updated

See what's new and updated in Intellogist's TotalPatent Report, highlighted over on The Intellogist Blog:

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Learn Practical Patent Analysis (Installment 3)

Over at The Intellogist Blog we give a case study on how to use patent classifications in the context of a patent analysis study. Learn the best practices from industry veterans:

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Sharing knowledge - patent information strategical use


I'm writting from Portugal.

Can someone share where can I find good, true, real, examples of people, companies or research labs that use patent information strategically?

I need to find results obtained from patent information searches that made innovative businesses, products, etc., possible.

Like the pharmaceutical industry with generics but in other fields like mechanic, optic, electronic... etc.

Does anyone know good examples, verifiable, that I can use in my… Continue

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Great opportunity to participate in research project "PATENT VALUATIONS IN M&A"

IP professionals should be used much more when companies are acquired, sold or merged, but often IP professionals are not being involved enough. Please participate or utilize your network and recommend your contacts - VC/corporate investors - to participate in survey PATENT VALUATIONS IN M&A

The questionnaire is online at:

The questionnaire will be online for one month and results will first be… Continue

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Search Engine CEO arrested on copyright infringement charges

Patently Yours

An Indian search engine’s CEO Mr Anurag Dod, along with some other executives, were arrested on 29th April on charges of making available the copyrighted musical works owned by…


Added by Patently Yours on May 7, 2010 at 1:30pm — No Comments

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