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Implicit Networks sues again !

To my interest, Implicit Networks is again in the news. They have filed yet another patent infringement lawsuit against the big shots.

Though they have already sued many in the past like Intel, AMD, Sun Microsystems, Raza microelectronics, Real Networks and Microsoft but it seems like they do not want to stop. To add more to their defendant's list , this time, they have picked Red Hat and VMWare as their defendants.… Continue

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What Can a Worldwide Patent Community Do For Me?

I choose the theme for this week’s update post, “What Can a Worldwide Patent Community Do for Me?” because I know some of you who have laughed out loud at my weekly updates while thinking, “it’s impossible to build an engaged community of IP professionals. We can barely eat lunch during a typical business day and you want us to get involved in Intellogist’s IP community. You are out of your mind!”

Just for a moment, I ask that you suspend reality and think about Intellogist from a… Continue

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Templates designed to capture a physician-patient encounter are not copyrightable

The US Court of Appeal for the eleventh Circuit fortifies its previous authority on blank forms by declaring templates that "do not convey information" not copyrightable. More on

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Free on-line WIPO course – ‘General Course on Intellectual Property’ - Registration Open till 20 Feb 2010

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides a free online course twice a year on general concepts of IPR. This is a very good course for for anyone who wants to know more about IPR and a must have for people working in IP field or looking to get into it.…


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Patent Derangement Disorder: A Diagnosis

We should lobby the American Psychiatric Society for the inclusion of a

new entry in the next edition of the DSM: Patent Derangement Disorder

(PDD). A commonly-occurring distortion of thought processes, PDD sweeps

through online communities several times a year. The symptoms are

familiar: hysterical blog posts, breathless comments, snide tweets. The

only cure is better education about patents and how they are applied.

Here at Intellogist HQ, we’ve made it our… Continue

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US4686605 - Method for altering the earth atmosphere

I just came across with a very interesting patent and thought to share with you.

The patent, US4686605, teaches a method for altering earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere. The method includes transmitting an electromagnetic radiation towards the sky at suitable frequency. This is done to excite electron cyclotron resonance frequency at about 50km height which in turns effect the movement… Continue

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Using highlighting for lightning-fast search

Hello all! We’re still buried under snow here in the DC area, but I’m

nice and cozy with a mug of cocoa. I wanted to post a short update

today about a common problem that afflicts our patent searching efforts

– the need for (and sometimes the lack of) effective keyword

highlighting. There are lots of nice commercial products out there that

offer very fancy keyword highlighting (e.g.… Continue

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IP for life & heritage

I hear about business owners who have no idea what IP stands for. Amazing how they have managed to get so far ! I hear about graduates who love big Mac but have no idea what franchise means ! Why is it that we do not teach our kids how important these things are ? Everyone has the impact of IP on every single day.Trademarks glittering over rooftops and domains passing our fingertips many times ...

Read more >>…


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New Poll: European Community Patent: pro or con?

Does the World need European Community Patent?

Please comment your opinion.

You will find more

information about Community Patent here:

  • Latest news, studies, consultations, documents on EC Single Market webpage…

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Blizzards, Community, and System Ratings: Weekly Update

In case you missed it, the Washington DC area is covered in snow. I know that blizzard-like conditions are commonplace for our friends in the North but in the DC area virtually everything grinds to a halt when

snow blankets the community. Federal offices close, schools close,

we’re lucky to have electricity, and driving with local, inexperienced

winter drivers is akin to playing Russian Roulette.

But, the Intellogist Team made a promise to share our…


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ACTA – a much ado about nothing or a real menace to our digital freedom?

The currently negotiated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will possibly introduce atrocious changes to intellectual property legislation by thus destroying the balance between right owners and society.

More on

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In re Bikski -- The iPhone App

For the app, go to or search on "Bilski" in the iPhone App Store.

On August 24, 2009, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued Interim Examination Instructions For Evaluating Subject Matter Eligibility Under 35 U.S.C. §101.

This Omnilaw app helps you work through the flowchart to test your… Continue

Added by Charles Knobloch, JD, PG on February 1, 2010 at 12:21pm — No Comments

Apple's iPad in Trademark Trouble

Patently Yours

Apple unveiled its most awaited tablet PC this week and called it iPad, in line with it’s customary ‘i’ prefix. While all are talking about the product, Fujitsu is crying foul on use of its trademark.…


Added by Patently Yours on January 31, 2010 at 11:12am — 4 Comments

Trouble now in Indian skies – Jet opposes Virgin’s patent on seat design

Patently Yours

Jet Airways, after a good financial earning report, was on the business front pages last week, but there was also some patent trouble brewing in the background.

Mint (on 25th…


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IP Ally

Hi Gang. We have created a Sister Site to Intellectual Property Network at

Really want to thank Mikk for all his support and the early postings he has all ready put on IP Ally. What a great guy!

I hope some of you will check it out.

All the best,


Added by Nils Victor Montan on January 30, 2010 at 5:31pm — 2 Comments

Discover Directory of IP Blogs

Discover Directory of Intellectual Property Blogs -> Network Flinks

Includes trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, brand, general IPR, etc, etc blogs!

Add your own or your favorite IP blogs. Search, rate and share links.…


Added by Mikk Putk on January 30, 2010 at 4:26pm — No Comments

As Our Patent Community Turns: Weekly Update

If you read our first post you know the Intellogist Team made a promise to chronicle our continuing efforts at growing our community, garnering more repeat visits, and creating more involvement within our registered user base. So I guess it’s time to fess up and let you know how things are going...

You can read more of this blog post at… Continue

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A Call to Action!

We’re starting our new Intellogist blog with a call to action for the patent community! We’ve been pondering the decision to start a blog for a while, but recently an event occurred which made us realize the time was right. On Friday January 15th, we received the following message from the Boliven Innovation Network team:

After approximately a year of beta product releases and extensive user feedback, the Board of the company has determined that it no longer makes good business…

Added by Kristin Whitman on January 26, 2010 at 11:09am — No Comments

EBI Medline is now integrated in

Hello everyone,
EBI Medline, one of the most important literature search service in biology, is now integrated in The query constructions are the same for the search for EPO. Any feedback is welcome :)

Added by Chi Chen on January 24, 2010 at 7:08pm — No Comments

IPEXL Online Help Started

As I realize that patent searches are usually a bit more complicated than just searching for a name or an IPC number, I have started a (long overdue) online help file for IPEXL patent search. I hope it is of use to our users. The first article is on how to use search syntax in our site; and can be viewed at the following address:…


Added by Mark Ashworth on January 21, 2010 at 10:07am — 3 Comments

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