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My Secret Weapon: The Open Directory Project

Recently I was attempting to find spot-on sources for a literature search.  This new blog post from Intellogist shows how I use the Open Directory Project (Dmoz) to get started.

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GenomeQuest adds Chinese patent office sequence data

Check out Intellogist's most recent blog post about new Chinese coverage in the patent sequence search tool GenomeQuest.

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Will cloud computing radically change patent search products?

First, let me say that I think “patents on the cloud” is a radical idea,

and something that may create some changes in patent information

products. Read on for a summary of Alexandria, a new product that provides “patents on the cloud,” and my analysis of this new approach!

To read this post, please see:…


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3 rules to use when designing a patent search system interface

Although we all struggle with graphical user interfaces every day, most

of us will wind up blaming ourselves for our lack of success; actually,

sometimes it’s just poor design that makes an application frustrating to

use. I’m currently taking a design course, and I’m amazed how many

interfaces that I interact with in everyday life don’t meet some simple

criteria for good “usability,” the ease-of-use and learning curve

needed to become proficient on a… Continue

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Items of interest: STN, Innography, and Fairview’s Alexandria

There are three interesting topics I am pursuing this week. There’s so much to write about I can’t keep up! I wanted to do a quick round-up to keep you all informed of the big happenings with STN, Innography, and Alexandria (a new product from Fairview Research).

To read the entire post, please see the Intellogist blog:…


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Search Quirk of the Day

Every once in a while I am doing a project and come across the need to
perform what I assume will be a simple task in my patent search
software, and then find out that it just can’t be done.

To read more, please visit the original post at:

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Are you effectively using Japanese File Index and F-terms?

As an English-speaking patent searcher, sure, you feel comfortable looking up US and IPC

classification codes. The classification schedules are easy enough to

browse, and you probably understand the hierarchical organization of the

systems pretty well. But what about Japanese patent searching – can you

use the Japanese national… Continue

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Blog Action Day 2010!

Today we’re dedicating a post to Blog Action Day 2010.

This event takes place every October 15th, uniting bloggers around the

world to dedicate a post to the same topic, and trigger discussion

about an important issue. This year’s topic is the importance of access

to clean, safe drinking water.

To read more, please see our post on the Intellogist… Continue

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Chinese patent searching on a budget

Following news that Dialog is now offering SciPat’s full text database of English machine translations for Chinese patent documents, I’ve been taking a look at some free sources of Chinese patent information on the web. It’s a somewhat confusing landscape for the English language searcher trying to make sense of the Chinese patent search offerings, but there are a number of players to note.

To read more of this post, see… Continue

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Change is Coming to the Intellogist Blog

Starting today, we are making a change to the Intellogist blog. Read all about it at

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Are your patent search strings confidential?

Hello all,

I just wanted to pop in today to highlight a fascinating discussion that is going on in the Intellogist discussion forum. Our users are discussing the legal implications of using a third party vendor to

conduct patent searching. Specifically, they are discussing who might

be looking at your search strings from the other side of the search


Read more at…


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Communicate Your Value: Weekly Update

Recently the Intellogist crew has been pondering social media with

relation to what we (and you, gentle reader) do for a living: searching

and analyzing patent data. Everyone who maintains a professional

social media presence knows that the obvious end game is to show your

expertise by participating in the community, thus building relationships

and ultimately, dare I say it, opening a few more doors for yourself in

the process. What’s beautiful about the social… Continue

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Learn Practical Patent Analysis: A Case Study

Today, based upon some suggestions from readers, I wanted to introduce a case study that I hope to discuss over several blog posts. What’s more, my hope is to get you, the reader, involved in the process by providing my method for you to independently audit. The goal is to use the case study to see what conclusions we can come up with using a variety of search tools. I would also hope readers will post questions they would like answered, based upon the described method.

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Classified Information: Patent Searching by Classification Part 2

Last week I introduced patent classification searching and gave reasons why it is still

relevant in today’s keyword-centric search environment. Think about

patent classification searching as if you were going to a library and

looking for books about Canada’s involvement in World War II. You might

put those words into a computer, or you might use the… Continue

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Battle of the Patent Search Systems, Part II

Wow – the ongoing ratings competition between QPAT, PatBase,

TotalPatent, and Thomson Innovation has really turned a lot of heads. Last

week’s Intellogist update post
was one of the most popular so far

on this blog, and now the “battle” of the patent search systems is

really heating up!

Read more at… Continue

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A Hidden Dragon at Dialog?

I’ve been meaning to post a short item about this for a while now – did anybody else see that Dialog is introducing a new Chinese full text patent collection in April? I saw the following blurb in the March issue of the Dialog Chronolog:

Read more on the… Continue

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Battle of the Patent Search Systems

There is a competition brewing at! Our users are rating spotlighted patent search systems and QPAT and PatBase are tied for the lead with an overall rating of 4 stars each while Thomson Innovation and TotalPatent have 3 stars each.

To read the post, see…


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Patent Derangement Disorder: A Diagnosis

We should lobby the American Psychiatric Society for the inclusion of a

new entry in the next edition of the DSM: Patent Derangement Disorder

(PDD). A commonly-occurring distortion of thought processes, PDD sweeps

through online communities several times a year. The symptoms are

familiar: hysterical blog posts, breathless comments, snide tweets. The

only cure is better education about patents and how they are applied.

Here at Intellogist HQ, we’ve made it our… Continue

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Using highlighting for lightning-fast search

Hello all! We’re still buried under snow here in the DC area, but I’m

nice and cozy with a mug of cocoa. I wanted to post a short update

today about a common problem that afflicts our patent searching efforts

– the need for (and sometimes the lack of) effective keyword

highlighting. There are lots of nice commercial products out there that

offer very fancy keyword highlighting (e.g.… Continue

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