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INFOGRAPHIC: China's IP Landscape

In light of Chinese New Year, ClearViewIP took the opportunity to revisit our patent landscape China – on its way to Innovation Leader? looking at the IP situation in China and the developments that have occurred over the past decade:…


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PRESS RELEASE: Intellectual Property Innovation Fund galvanises IP law firms, Innovation Intermediaries and University IP Centres

If the entry level into intellectual property becomes less complex, faster and easier individuals will benefit from their IP at the outset, through to and beyond commercialization. 

A collaboration instigated by Creative Barcode, …


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Inter-Operability Standards and Intellectual Property

Blogpost by Donal O'Connell

Chawton Innovation Services



Interoperability standards

Interoperability refers to the ability of diverse systems to work together or…


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Trolls: if you can't beat 'em...

Justin Paulsen takes a look at Freescale's increasing litigious business strategy and what is might mean.

While certainly not the only company embarking down the path towards licensing and litigation revenue, Freescale Semiconductors (NYSE: FSL) seems to be showing an increased focus upon this particular segment. From a broader perspective, this raises a number of critical…


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Patent problems and the cost of US patent reform

Some of the facts behind the patent industry and US patent reform.

patents infographic




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Patent wars, patent trolls - the patent world is going more and more crazy

Awesome infographic published by MBA Online: The Patent War is Stifling Innovation.



Created by: MBA Online 



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Solar Innovation in Shanghai, China

It has been a while since I did any patent research of any kind. Then I had one of those ideas running through my head. Why not map out an industry in a given city, based on their innovation factor (which is a proprietary, qualitative algorithm I'm not going to share :P) and the company/institute's age? It makes an interesting chart.... enjoy:




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Search Quirk of the Day

Every once in a while I am doing a project and come across the need to
perform what I assume will be a simple task in my patent search
software, and then find out that it just can’t be done.

To read more, please visit the original post at:

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IBM - Technology evolution for period 1999 - 2009

Patent activity is one of the most important parameters to determine
company’s innovation, their technology evolution, current focus of

R&D department and any joint research done with other companies.

Also, we know that since 1993, every year IBM has won the title of

filing most number of patents.

"But what are they inventing and where they are

heading ?" This question was the only motivation for us to go ahead

with the study. In…

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