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Internationally Acclaimed IP Strategists: ClearViewIP's Directors recognised by IAM300 for Fourth Consecutive Year!

It is hard to believe it has been 12 months since announcing that ClearViewIP's Directors had scored a hat trick as acclaimed international IP strategists, but we are pleased to announce that …


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Colin Hunsley Discusses IP Deals & Patent Valuation as Vice President of LES B&I

The Annual Conference for the Licensing Executives Society Britain & Ireland chapter (LES B&I)took place at the Royal Over-Seas League in London last week. ClearViewIP have a long-standing relationship with LES, however this event was particularly…


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Varian Settles Patent Case with University of Pittsburgh for $35 Million

Case Filed: Aug 03, 2012
Case Closed: Apr 10, 2014…

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ClearViewIP are Recruiting!

ClearViewIP are currently seeking candidates for the following opportunities:

Commercialisation Executive - Life Sciences (Liverpool)

ClearViewIP is seeking a highly capable Commercialisation Executive with a Life Sciences background to support the delivery of services to the University of Liverpool. Based at the University, you will work alongside the Directors and other ClearViewIP staff to build relationships across the University…


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ClearViewIP: Commercial Partner for University of Liverpool IP

ClearViewIP are delighted to announce our successful bid to be the Commercial Partner for the University of Liverpool's IP commercialisation activities.

The University of Liverpool is one of the great centres of research and a member of the Russell Group which represents the 24 leading UK universities; as well as a member of the N8 Research Partnership - a…


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Food Safety Testing Patent Search and Analysis Report

Food supply worldwide is under constant threat and effective test products that can ensure food safety are in demand. Microbial pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, environmental toxins, food allergens and adulterants, residues of drugs and agricultural chemicals can harm consumers if unchecked. In some countries, testing for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is also conducted to ensure food authenticity. Although pathogen testing is still the most dominant segment of food testing,…


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NPE Withdraws Suit against Apple

Case Filed: Feb 21, 2013

Case Closed: Jul 16, 2013…

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Court Dismisses Olympic Developments AG Suit against Microsoft et al.

Case Filed: Mar 08, 2011…


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BU vs. Samsung Lawsuit

Plaintiff: Trustees of Boston University…

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Lawsuit Summary - American Vehicular Sciences vs. Subaru of America

Plaintiff: American Vehicular Sciences, LLC (AVS)

Defendant: Subaru of…

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Colin Hunsley Judges Medical Engineering Competition

ClearViewIP's Director of Commercialisation, Colin Hunsley was asked to judge the Institute of Mechanical Engineers 25th Annual Medical Engineering Student Project Competition in February of this year. On February 28th 2013, Colin joined the other judges and finalists to announce the winners in the following categories:

- Best Medical…


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Cardiocom in Patent Lawsuit over Telehealth Devices

Plaintiffs: My Health and University of Rochester…

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Google, AT&T, Metro PCS, Nextel, Peoples, Verizon and Skyhook in Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Plaintiff: TracBeam…

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Points of Light Filed Suit against CleggPromo over a Design Patent

Plaintiff: Points of Light Inc.…


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Raising the Intellectual Property Bar in Poland

On 6th September 2012, ClearViewIP’s Director of Commercialisation, Colin Hunsley, was invited to Krakow to take part in the 8th International Symposium of IP in an Innovative Economy hosted by The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Set in university buildings steeped in history, Colin…


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Star Wars Coloured Green

Greenpeace attacked Volkswagen over their environmental credentials and parodied a previous VW Star Wars based commercial. The parodying video was subsequently uploaded onto YouTube.

Surprisingly, Lucasfilm, which hold the copyright in Star Wars, claimed copyright infringement and requested YouTube to remove the video.


Want to …


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Web of Science vs. Scopus: Which is better? (Part 1)

At Intellogist, we’ve spent a long time comparing the coverage information for various patent search systems. This is harder to do than it sounds.  But what about major providers of (non-patent) sci/tech literature?  In this post we compare two of the major product offerings.

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From Russia with (trade mark) love: a reprise


Russian Bank manages to register a "Christmas" trade mark with respect to its banking products and services and to defend it at trial.

read more

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Patents in China. A Snapshot for June 2010.

Yes, the size of China's patent portfolio is growing and growing. In the last five years international patent applications have risen from the country by 30%.

However, what are they doing internally and who are the organizations driving this? Some charts from IPEXL Analytics can give us a clearer…

Added by Mark Ashworth on June 21, 2010 at 3:59am — 1 Comment

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