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The Contentious Amazon 'Used eBooks' Patent

A recent patent awarded to Amazon, 8364595, may indicate that the online retailer has plans to allow Kindle owners to sell (or return?) their digital downloads back to the store, where they will be then resold to authors. 

It has received some strong reactions from online communities.

I don't see this functionality on yet though. Could they have…


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Inserting Ads in eBooks: New Concept or an Existing Idea Being Adopted by the Market?

As part of my ongoing research into patents from non-US origin, I wrote a blog post for Good e-Reader regarding some pioneering patents in the eBook industry (advertising inside eBooks) that originated from a Singapore based outfit:

You can read the article over at the Good e-Reader blog at the following address:…


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The Original Patent Troll

This one has been circling the internet for a while. Thought I'd document it here:

In US Design Patent 378,308…


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Patent Good Guys - Manuel Elkin Patarroyo

Starting on my exploration of IP coming from CIVET countries, I came across Colombian patent holder Manuel Patarroyo. Who is most famous for his vaccine for malaria.

While most people are rushing to file their patents for defensive, strategic or even plain old trolling purposes, Manuel Elkin Patarroyo took the good guy approach and licensed his patent free of charge to the World…


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Here Comes the CIVETS

The Civet cat might be most famous for its involvement in the outbreak of SARS in Asia, or more recently he is the star producer of the world's most expensive coffee. However, now CIVETS has a new coinage. Move over BRICS, here come the CIVETS.

Coined by Robert Ward, global forecasting director for the EIU, the…


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Solar Innovation in Shanghai, China

It has been a while since I did any patent research of any kind. Then I had one of those ideas running through my head. Why not map out an industry in a given city, based on their innovation factor (which is a proprietary, qualitative algorithm I'm not going to share :P) and the company/institute's age? It makes an interesting chart.... enjoy:




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Version 1.01 of the TM Manager was released by the App Store

Worth a look:


I'd added the features:

1. Added 'famous brands' directory for browsing top 100 brands' newest trademarks.

2. Added feature to 'View/Edit Notes' for trademarks saved under 'My Trademark Collection.'


However, thanks to the feedback of a few TM lawyers, it is…


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Proximity Search in


A new feature of that they have opened up is the ability to do proximity searching. (Largely inspired by Chris Jagalla's Post on Intellogist's Blog)


So let's say you wish to search patents with the words: battery, walk and floor that are two words away from each other anywhere in the…


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The IPEXL Trademark Manager for iPad

The IPEXL Trademark Manager for iPad is now in the App Store


With this very first version, you can:


1. Search for Trademarks by owner, wordmark and attorney from the US, WIPO and OHIM (OAMI).


2. Browse trademarks by owners, attorneys, wordmarks and goods & services category.


3. Store Trademarks in your 'collection' (future…


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IPEXL - IP Listing and Exchange Platform (A Preview)

Since the company name is 'Intellectual Property Exchange (IPEXL)' afterall, it was only a matter of time before a self-service IP listing was developed. Finally, by next Monday this will be launched.

The features will include:

Categorization of IP for browsing:

Featured Listings - Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Licensing…

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New Features & Tutorials in

Some updates about

Site Updates - User Tools Added

Now the site comes with the following functionality:

1. History - now lets you access your search history. Useful when you wish to track what you have been searching for.

2. Saved Query - The ability to save queries for later use.


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Lego Patents. An Infographic

Every now and then I start obsessing about a certain company or a certain inventor. A while back, it was Lego, so I started to play around with some vector graphics and patent information.


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Using US Classifications with IPEXL (An IPEXL Slideshare)

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More on those Paul Allen Patents

Doing some simple research on the forward citations of those patents involved with the Paul Allen lawsuit, I came up with the following list of companies that citing those patents (6034652, 6788314, 6263507 and 6757682):

1. Allen's own or related:
Microsoft, Interval Research, Interval Licensing, Vulcan Patents, WebTV Networks.

2. Companies currently…

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Solar Components LLC & The USPTO Fast Track Scheme

Something I just stumbled upon that interested me:

Solar Components LLC is a Silicon Valley based startup operating in the solar power industry. What interested me about this company is the speed in which their patents have been granted.

Those two utility…

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Changing Your Intellectual Property Network Blog Theme/Design

I just changed my blog theme on the Intellectual Property Network (sorry I wasn't a huge fan of the Comic Sans font).

Doing so is pretty straightforward. This is what I did:

1. Log in to your Intellectual Property Network account.

2. Click on the tab 'Main' in the menu bar.

3. Click the link 'Customize your page' next to the paint bucket looking…

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Top British Product Designers who are holding US Design Patents

There’s no doubt that Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial design at Apple Inc, is a highly successful designer. Leaving the shores of Jolly Old England was a great…


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IPEXL Trademark Search. A Sneak Preview

We're currently developing, and in the testing stage, of our trademark search.

These screenshots were taken about a week ago:

1. We'll have a rich syntax for more powerful trademark searching:

2. Here's some of the fields that will be searchable (and like…

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Patents in China. A Snapshot for June 2010.

Yes, the size of China's patent portfolio is growing and growing. In the last five years international patent applications have risen from the country by 30%.

However, what are they doing internally and who are the organizations driving this? Some charts from IPEXL Analytics can give us a clearer…

Added by Mark Ashworth on June 21, 2010 at 3:59am — 1 Comment

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