16 patented patent, trademark and other intellectual property tools

It's amaizing what kind of information you can find in patent databases. Here is a short summary of some systems and methods that are patented in intellectual property field. These are tools that give to the intellectual property professional the ability to work in all aspects of their practice area.


  US8171566B2 Copyright protection data processing system and reproduction device

Publication Date: 2012-05-01
Assignee/Applicant: Panasonic Corporation
Abstract: If playback devices are prohibited from playing back contents recorded in R media, there occurs a problem that it takes more time to manufacture commercial ROM media. Conversely, if playback devices are permitted to play back contents recorded in R media, there occurs a problem that copyrights might be infringed. In view of these, the aim of the present invention is to provide a content protection data processing system and a playback device capable of determine whether to permit playback of a content recorded in a recording medium, based on a medium type of the recording medium and a signature type of a signature attached to a program. This enables both the protection of the copyright of the content and the efficient manufacturing of commercial ROM media.


US8166386B2 Method and system for producing patent specification
Publication Date: 2012-04-24
Abstract: A method and system for producing a patent specification is capable of producing a patent specification draft rapidly for the inventor, applicant or patent attorney, thereby reducing the time to complete the specification and improving the mutual understanding between the inventor and the patent attorney. After the inventor inputs the technical characteristics and other related description via a graphic interface, a patent specification draft can be produced rapidly. The method includes the steps of inputting a title, selecting the type of invention, entering the graphic interface, inputting the name and function of each element to form an output data section, inputting the data having multiple sets of text areas, cooperating the input data having multiple sets of text areas with individual output data section, combining, trans-pasting and composing the corresponding input description to form multiple sets of output data sections. In this way, the contents of a patent specification can be formed.



US8160306B1 Patent analyzing system
Publication Date: 2012-04-17
Assignee/Applicant: NEUSTEL MICHAEL S
Abstract: A patent analyzing system for efficiently reviewing and analyzing a patent document (e.g. patent application, published patent document or patent). The patent analyzing system includes identifying the element names within a patent document and modifying patent drawing sheets to include element names and figure descriptions.


US8161049B2 System and method for patent evaluation using artificial intelligence

Publication Date: 2012-04-17
Assignee/Applicant: WILLIAMS ALLAN
Abstract: A system, method, computer program product, and a web site for evaluating a patent document by using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been provided. The patent document is characterized by patent indices arranged into a hierarchy, each index reflecting a different aspect of the patent document. The values of the patent indices are analyzed by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, which generates a verbal conclusion regarding the value of the patent document based on the performed analysis. A reason associated with the generated conclusion may also be generated. The AI system is a decision tree based AI system, which is implemented so as to be accessible via a network. The value of the patent document may be additionally visualized by using a color coding of the patent document based on values of its patent indices.


  US8161025B2 Patent mapping
Publication Date: 2012-04-17
Assignee/Applicant: Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P.A.
Abstract: The present subject matter provides systems, methods, software, and data structures for patent mapping, storage, and searching. Some such embodiments include mapping patent documents, claims, and claim limitations. Some further embodiments provide for searching a universe of patent documents by patent document, claim, limitation, class, element, or concept.


US8150757B1 Web-based infomediary for intellectual property transfer

Publication Date: 2012-04-03
Assignee/Applicant: FoundationIP LLC
Abstract: A system and method provide a web-based infomediary for dissemination of intellectual property transfer information among multiple users via a global computer network such as the World Wide Web. The system and method can be used to provide network users with information to facilitate transfer of intellectual property rights by assignment or license. Also, the system and method can be configured to collect bids and offers from parties seeking to acquire rights, or conduct a web-based auction. In this manner, the system and method provide a web-based infomediary in the sense that they facilitate person-to-person or business-to-business online exchanges that leverage the Internet to unite buyers and sellers into a single, efficient virtual marketplace that provides a concentration of pertinent information.


US8145634B2 Patent marking system

Publication Date: 2012-03-27
Assignee/Applicant: National Instruments Corporation
Abstract: System and method for retrieving and displaying patent marking information for resources coupled to or comprised in a computer system. One or more resources, i.e., hardware devices and/or software, may be detected on the computer system. Software resources may be downloaded from an e-commerce server, which may also facilitate ordering and/or purchasing the resources. Patent marking information (PMI) corresponding to each of the resources may be retrieved, including one or more patent numbers for each resource. The respective PMI may be stored on each resource, in a database on the computer system, or in a database on a server coupled to the computer system. The resources may store identification (ID) information identifying the respective resource, where the respective PMI for each resource is retrieved from the patent marking database based on the ID information. The PMI is then displayed, e.g., by a graphical user interface (GUI) on a computer display.


US8145640B2 System and method for patent evaluation and visualization of the results thereof
Publication Date: 2012-03-27
Assignee/Applicant: WILLIAMS ALLAN
Abstract: A method for evaluating a patent document is described, which includes the steps of introducing a set of one or more patent indices, characterizing different aspects of the patent document; combining said patent indices into a Patent Quality index (the PQ), characterizing value of the patent document; and visualizing the value of the patent document by using a color coding of the patent document according to the value of the PQ index. Conveniently, a correspondence between the value of the Patent Quality index of the patent document and the wavelength of a selected color of a visible part of the light spectrum is provided. A corresponding method and system for visualizing results of evaluation of a patent portfolio are also described.


  US8145639B2 System and methods for patent evaluation
Publication Date: 2012-03-27
Assignee/Applicant: WILLIAMS ALLAN
Abstract: System, methods, computer program product, and web site for evaluating a patent document have been disclosed. The patent document is characterized by patent indices arranged into a hierarchy, each index reflecting a different aspect of the patent document. The indices are transformed into an integral Patent Quality index of the patent document according to a non-linear transformation, which satisfies certain predetermined rules and boundary conditions. A bias associated with an expert, influencing the evaluation of a patent is taken into account. A corresponding method for determining a monetary value of the patent document is also described. The system for patent evaluation comprises a Patent Quality and Monetary Value processing unit for implementing the methods, and respective input and output data means, including graphical user interface. An Artificial Intelligence system for analyzing and interpreting patent indices and a Visualization unit for color-coded visualization of the results of evaluation are also provided.


  US8117192B1 Computerized information system for creating patent data summaries and method therefor
Publication Date: 2012-02-14
Assignee/Applicant: POGODIN PAVEL
Abstract: A computerized system and method for generating patent data summary reports for a target entity identified by the user. The information system contains a database containing patent document records. After a user selects the target entity, the system issues a query to the database to identify all entities having a association with patent documents associated with the specified target entity. For example, the user may wish to receive a report on all the clients of a specific attorney. The system would search the database to locate all assignees of all patents prosecuted by that attorney and return a ranked list of such assignees to the user. Optionally, the system may generate a graphical representation of the information in the report and provide it to the user. The report provided to the user may be interactive in a sense that various items of information within the report may be connected by way of links to additional reports with more specific information on those particular items. Additionally, the system may automatically update the patent document database with new records as they become available.


US8103709B1 Computer-implemented method and system for managing attributes of intellectual property documents, optionally including organization thereof
Publication Date: 2012-01-24
Assignee/Applicant: LEE EUGENE M
Abstract: A computer-enabled system, method, and medium is provided to support, e.g., analyzing intellectual property documents by assigning attributes to the documents. The present invention is suitable for use by intellectual property professionals and is flexible to support development and use of customized attribute types and attributes. Optionally, a group of intellectual property documents can be divided into projects, which can be ingested including assigning attributes. Optionally, the attributes can be used to filter information included in e.g., searches, and/or reports.


US8095581B2 Computer-implemented patent portfolio analysis method and apparatus

Publication Date: 2012-01-10
Abstract: A computer-implemented apparatus and method for performing patent portfolio analysis. The patent portfolio analysis apparatus and method clusters a group of patents based upon one or more techniques. The clustering techniques include linguistic clustering techniques (e.g., eigenvector analysis), claim meaning, and patent classification techniques. Different aspects of the clusters are analyzed, including financial, claim breadth, and assignee patent comparisons. Moreover, patents and/or their clusters are linked to the Internet in order to determine what products might be covered by the claims of the patents or whether materials on the Internet might render patent claims invalid.


US8086696B2 System and method for promoting intellectual property

Publication Date: 2011-12-27
Assignee/Applicant: BERGER MARTIN S
Abstract: A method and system for the online promotion of intellectual property includes providing an Internet host station with at least one database that is connectable via the Internet to consumer stations and industry stations. The database includes a plurality of intellectual property items and a description of each intellectual property item. At least one of the intellectual property items is selected by a consumer station and the description associated with the selected intellectual property item is viewed at the consumer station. Portions of the description may be confidential and therefore not normally viewed at the consumer station. Feedback data is sent from the consumer station to the host station. The feedback data includes consumer opinion information of the selected intellectual property item based at least in part on the description of the selected intellectual property item. The feedback data is then accessed from an industry station to thereby determine the interest in the selected intellectual property item based on the consumer opinion.


US8078545B1 System, method and computer program product for collecting strategic patent data associated with an identifier
Publication Date: 2011-12-13
Assignee/Applicant: Aloft Media LLC
Abstract: A system, method and computer program product are provided for organizing patents utilizing a computer-implemented system. An identifier is initially determined, after which a notes field is displayed for receiving manually entered notes, such that the manually entered notes are stored in association with the identifier. Further, the manually selection of a file is permitted. Such manually selected file is then stored in association with the identifier. Still yet, a plurality of patents are associated with the identifier. The manually entered notes, the file, and the patents are thus accessible by subsequent selection of the identifier.


US7962511B2 Method and system for rating patents and other intangible assets
Publication Date: 2011-06-14
Assignee/Applicant: PatentRatings LLC
Abstract: A statistical patent rating method and system is provided for independently assessing the relative breadth (“B”), defensibility (“D”) and commercial relevance (“R”) of individual patent assets and other intangible intellectual property assets. The invention provides new and valuable information that can be used by patent valuation experts, investment advisors, economists and others to help guide future patent investment decisions, licensing programs, patent appraisals, tax valuations, transfer pricing, economic forecasting and planning, and even mediation and/or settlement of patent litigation lawsuits. In one embodiment the invention provides a statistically-based patent rating method and system whereby relative ratings or rankings are generated using a database of patent information by identifying and comparing various characteristics of each individual patent to a statistically determined distribution of the same characteristics within a given patent population. For example, a first population of patents having a known relatively high intrinsic value or quality (e.g. successfully litigated patents) is compared to a second population of patents having a known relatively low intrinsic value or quality (e.g. unsuccessfully litigated patents). Based on a statistical comparison of the two populations, certain characteristics are identified as being more prevalent or more pronounced in one population group or the other to a statistically significant degree. Multiple such statistical comparisons are used to construct and optimize a computer model or computer algorithm that can then be used to predict and/or provide statistically-accurate probabilities of a desired value or quality being present or a future event occurring, given the identified characteristics of an individual patent or group of patents.


US7720768B1 Enhancing copyright revenue generation for a copyright protected frame-based work
Publication Date: 2010-05-18
Assignee/Applicant: Media Rights Technologies Inc.
Abstract: A method for enhancing copyright revenue generation for a copyright protected frame-based work. The method includes embedding copyright and playback management information into at least one data field of the copyright protected frame-based work. The copyright and playback management information corresponds to access to the copyright protected frame-based work. The method also includes encoding the copyright protected frame-based work, transmitting the encoded copyright protected frame-based work and ensuring appropriate payment of entitled copyright royalties of the copyright protected frame-based work based at least in part on the embedded copyright and playback management information.







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