175 years, 8 million patents, nothing has changed

Michael White predicted last year that 8 millionth US patent should be issued in August or September 2011. Nice!

Today is the day.







For more information, read USPTO press release "United States Patent and Trademark Office Issues 8 Millionth Patent" and introduction of milestone patents "Millions of Patents" and US Department of Commerce blog post "U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Issues its 8 Millionth Patent".


First US patent issued on July 13, 1836. More than 175 years ago. If we take a look at random excerpts of milestone patents then it seems like time is stopped. We live in 21st century, everything has changed. But the layout and styling of patents are exactly same like 175 years ago.


US patent 8000000

US patent 7000000

US patent 6000000

US patent 5000000

US patent 4000000

US patent 3000000

US patent 2000000

US patent 1000000

US patent 1

This is little bit surprising - economic has changed, technology has changed, etc etc, but the formal requirements for the US patents are still same. How it is in other countries?




And don't forget to predict the issue date of US Patent 9000000!



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