4 patent research tools that you probably didn't know

There are hundreds of tools and apps how to search, process and analyse patent information. Here are some of my latest discoveries. Four interesting solutions how to make your work more effective.


The PATSY Bookmarklet

Patents are extremely difficult to read. With PATSY Bookmarklet you can go to ANY web page, select a patent number and have PATSY process it for you.

The language used in them can be turgid and arcane, full of long lists that enumerate all possible variants of an invention. The USPTO compounds this by formatting the text in printed patents into narrow columns.

PATSY aims to change all that. Enter a US patent number, PATSY pulls it from the USPTO and reformats it on the fly:

  • Dense blocks of text are broken up into separate sentences
  • Long sentences are split at semicolons into multiple lines
  • The original text for a bock can be viewed by clicking the arrow above each block
  • Significant terms are highlighted
  • Patent numbers are highlighted and linked to PATSY or patent office sites
  • References to scientific papers are linked to the NIH PubMed site
  • Google Translate lets you read the text in other languages




Patent Library

Patent Libraryis a free worldwide patent publication service. User can retrieve world wide original OCR processed text searchable pdf patent documents from patent number. User can share patent information with a variety of people inside and outside the company using permalink patent bulletins through e-mail, Twitter and blogs.

User can retrieve world wide original pdf patent documents easily. 30 types of patents from around the world, in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and more, have undergone OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing in their entirety, and the text can be searched using pdf viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. OCR-supported countries are tagged "OCR" on the input rules of Patent Library Top Page.

By displaying patent documents on two screen areas, user can refer to figures while reading claims or specifications.




LandOfFree > US and CA patent ratings
LandOfFree.com is an excellent source of ratings and reviews by real people. Positive as well as negative reviews provide unbiased feedback. The consumers prefer to do research before selecting a service provider. You can help the community by rating the providers whose services you have used.




TikoTac patent highlighting

TikoTac: highlight the Prominent Sentences in a selected US patent. Read patent more efficiently. Get faster to the invention point.


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