15 best free trademark, domain and brand name search tools


Need to find a new trademark, logo, business or domain name and got an idea?

But is it available?

Or need to find out how visible is your or your competitor's brand in internet?

These simple and free tools are helpful for trademark attorneys and agents, logo designers, marketing experts, etc to conduct trademark or brand research.


namechecklist - Use namechecklist to check if your brandname, username, domain and vanity url are still available on the worldwide web


namechk - Check to see if your desired username or vanity url is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites.

Promote your brand consistently by registering a username that is still available on the majority of the most popular sites. 



WIPO Global Brand Database - make it easier to search over 640,000 records relating to internationally protected trademarks, appellations of origin and armorial bearings, flags and other state emblems as well as the names, abbreviations and emblems of intergovernmental organizations

Global Brand Database search interface allows users to access three WIPO databases –  international trademarks registered under the Madrid system for the international registration of marks; appellations of origin registered under the Lisbon system for the international registration of appellations of origin; and armorial bearings, flags and other state emblems as well as the names, abbreviations and emblems of intergovernmental organizations protected under Article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property – by means of one simple, user-friendly screen.



OHIM eSearchPlus - search  and monitor Community trade marks and registered Community designs, as well as look for owners, representatives and related case-law.

eSearch Plus provides a wide range of search criteria, easy-to-use sorting and filtering options and the possibility to set up your own alerts using RSS feeds.




Markify - US and EU trademark similarity search and monitoring tool



TMarque - trademark, domain name, social media search. All in one.

Includes US, EU, China, AU, UK and New Zealand trademark search; domain name search; search for social media usernames; visualization of trademark search results and exporting search results to pdf.





















SurfIP - Singapore, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, US, HongKong, Japan, European Community and International Trademark search

 TMView - TMview is an online consultation tool allowing any Internet user to search the trade marks of all participating official trade mark Offices

It is multilingual and easy-to-use, and gives access to trade mark applications and registrations of the participating official trade mark offices in a single place. The information is provided by the trade mark offices that own the content and are responsible for its daily update.

 Namecheck  - Namecheck provides you with a free search report to reveal if your brand has been taken as a domain name, social media username or trademark.

Namecheck includes US, EU, German and International trademark search. As well search among generic and country domain names and social media usernames.

 Boliven - US trademark search with search visual analytics of search results

 Trademarkia - US trademark search by keywords, images, categories.

Includes US trademark search; domain name, logo and social media user name search. In addition reccommendation tool for new logo, trademark and domain name ideas.

 EuroDNS  - The EuroDNS Domain Availability Search is a state of the art online domain search tool. The domain check is easy, convenient and fast. The domain checker displays available domain names for registration for all generic TLDs and worldwide for all important ccTlds.

The domain search engine not only displays available domain names but also displays all domains that are listed for sale at any important domain name reseller portal and aftermarket industry. The domain databases that EuroDNS looks up include the databases of SEDO, Buydomains, Afternic, Faboulus and many more.

 HowSociable? - HowSociable provides a simple way for you to begin measuring your brand’s visibility on the social web

knowem? - knowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 350 popular and emerging social media websites

 IPNetwork's Toolbar
This toolbar includes all above-mentioned search tools. You can find ud, HowSociable,
Trademarkia, Knowem and Boliven within search fields (drop-down menu of searchfields opens by clicking on arrow next green "Go" button) and all others under IP Links directory. This toolbar is available for Firefox, IE and Safari web-browsers.

Do you know some other great trademark search tools? Leave your comments and share your experiences.















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