Inspired by the growing complexity of the patent and IPR landscape we are developing a collaborative research platform for prior art, patent, design and other intellectual property related information searches.

To meet the researchers’ needs we ask you to answer 3 quick questions.

1. How many searches do you conduct per month (on average)? What is the average duration of one search?
2. Describe the main problems or difficulties you encounter during your searches?
3. How much you are willing to pay in case you can conduct your searches without these problems?

Feel free to leave your answers in the comments’ section or e-mail us directly:

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Comment by Mikk Putk on January 17, 2011 at 7:48am

Thank you Biks for your feedback! Any other opinions?

Comment by Bikramjit Singh on January 15, 2011 at 2:10pm

I do 5-6 prior art searches per month. and for one search it takes me 4-5 days.

The major problems I observed is:


1. Access to complete non english patent literature and its translation to english language.

2. Non patent literature is itself a very vast and broad search. I personally feel, there is no database where one can do exhaustive search for non patent literature.

3. Limited analytical tools in databases. Users cannot freely customize the charts according to his wish.


But I am really interested to know more about crowdIPR. Can you please share more information of yours.







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