Football, technology and intellectual property

The football world cup is definitely one of the greatest event that always creates a lot of discussions. And discussions are about everything, as well there is no escape from intellectual property. Herewith little overview about some great websites and blogposts regarding football and intellectual property.

The German Patent and Trademark Office has published a detailed collection of all kind of football inventions.
"In many countries worldwide football is the number one popular sport. However, only very little has so far been published on its technical development. Since its foundation the DPMA has accompanied inventions related to football. Here you can find the ideas and developments that have led to the products of modern times.
The DPMA's football presentation is regularly updated. Now you can find an overview showing the latest developments added to the originally presented treasures. From shin guards to the referee whistle, from goalkeeper gloves to the ball, there is so much to discover!"

Steve van Dulken has posted some great football and intellectual property related blogposts:
Table football inventions
Football and patents
Registered designs for football

Intellectual Property Watch blog has published an exhaustive blogpost about how FIFA protect its trademarks and designs: FIFA, Vuvuzelas And Facebook: The Global Trophy Of IP Protection
and DuetsBlog about FIFA's trademarks: World Cup Advertising Creates Trademark Enforcement Work For FIFA.

And there is also great "Soccer World Cup competition" organized by The IPKat: "It occurred to the IPKat that it would be fun to put together an Intellectual Property Dream Team, which could compete against the world's finest. To enter, please name your ideal team of 11 players (one goalkeeper and ten outfield players) and give some sort of clues as to your reasons for selecting them. Entries should be sent to the IPKat here by close of play on 30 June. The winner will be announced on 11 July, the date of the World Cup Final. Entries by email here, please, with the subject line "IP Dream Team". The prize is a handsome copy of "Working Within the Boundaries of Intellectual Property: Innovation Policy For The Knowledge Society"".

You still have few days, so post your Dream Team! ;)

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Comment by Leo Siemann on June 27, 2010 at 3:52pm
Jep, I saw that as well ! And another thing came to my mind in connection with digital TV : I must admit there is not a lot difference in pictue quality compared to old analogue one. In fact the old one was better : ) Now it does all sorts of tricks like no voice and freezing many times per day !! I guess it only makes sense if you ve got HD and nice big screen ...
Comment by Mikk Putk on June 27, 2010 at 2:51pm
Same question in Argentina-Mexico game.
Comment by Leo Siemann on June 27, 2010 at 2:45pm
I was watching the World Cup game England v Germany just few hours ago and asked myself : What kind of sense all this technology makes if they are even not bothered to look at this ! I mean England's 2nd goal was obvious ...


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