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In the drop-down search menu of IPE Patent Search Toolbar there are following search fields included.
Want to use them all, just download the toolbar here: http://ipestonia.ning.com/

Generral Intellectual Property Search
IPEstonia Intellectual Property Blogs Search Engine: Includes more than 630 patent, trademark, design, copyright and other IP related blogs

Non-patent information
Samepoint - Social Media Search
WorldCat.org Collections of more than 10000 libraries
Google Scholar
Scitopia - documents, patents, government data
GlobalSpec - The Engineering Search EngineScirus - The search engine for science
Scirus - The search engine for science
Entrez, The Life Sciences Search Engine
CREAX: Latest Innovations
CREAXnet:best websites on the web about creativity and innovation
eFunda: The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers
Social search: Includes following social networks, sharing, bookmarking, blogging sites: http://twitter.com/, http://digg.com/, http://delicious.com/, http://technorati.com/, http://wordpress.com/, etc, etc, etc

Patent information

Patent family search

IP Newsflash Family Search
PatentLens PatNum and Family Search
• Patenttest Family and Legal Status

Patent Clustering
SparkIP US patent search
iBoogie US patent search via Google http://www.iboogie.com/default.asp?name_tab=10
PatentCluster-US patent search and clustering
Patents.com (US, EP)

Patent Registers

Epoline Register Plus: EP and WO number search – status, families, etc
PAIR USPTO patent register

General Patent Search (search fields)
EAPATIS Eurasian patent search
Patent Analysis:US,EP,WO,NZ,AU, Inpadoc
PatentLens (US, EP, PCT, AU): Text Search; Title, Abstract, Claims Search
FreePatentsOnline (US, EP, WO, JP): Patent Claim Search; Text Search
Boliven Patents: US, WO, EP, JP patent search
PATENTSCOPE: WO claim search via Google; CT title, abstract, claim search; WO publication number search
National & PCT Collections: new search tool available for publi...
Patents.com US patent search
Google US Patents
Esp@cenet: SmartSearch; Title or Abstract Search; Assignee Search; Inventor Search; IPC Search; Find ECLA; Number Search
IPEXL (available collections: CN,TW,HK,SG,JP,KR,PCT,US,EP,UK,CA) keyword search, name search, IPC search
USPTO: US Granted Patents; US Patent Applications
• Esp@cenet: Japanese Publ - Title or Abstr; - IPC Search
• Esp@cenet: Chinese Publ - Title or Abstr; Chinese Publ - IPC Search
• Esp@cenet: EP Publ - Title or Abstr; EP Publ - IPC SearchEsp@cenet: PCT Publ - Title or Abstr
• Esp@cenet: PCT Publ - IPC Search
• Esp@cenet: US Publ - Title or Abstr; US Publ - IPC Search
• Esp@cenet: Latin American Countries - Ttl or Abstr; Latin American Countries - IPC Search
• Esp@cenet: ARIPO-OAPI-Eurasian c. - Ttl/Abstr s; ARIPO-OAPI-Eurasian c. - IPC search
• Esp@cenet IPC searches by countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, German Democratic Repbl, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Russia, Soviet Union
• BIGPATENTS: Indian Patent Search
Singapur Patent Search: Title or Abstr
Singapur Patent Search: IPC Search
Finnish Utility Models Search

Australian Patent Search: Title Search
ChemYQ:Chinese patents,chem terminology,products
• Other Patent Search Technologies: IPCentury Prior Art Search via IPNewsflash; WIKI Patents
• Web Search: Google; Zuula; Clusty; iBoogie
• Dictionaries: Google Translated Search; Cross-Lingual Image Search; Kwmap:A Keyword Map for the Whole Internet

Patent Information Monitoring via RSS

• IPEstonia Patent Search by technology fields: Patent Search links to Espacenet and RSS Monitoring via PatentLens (predefined by technology fields)
• Google Patents (query based)
• Free Patents Online (predefined)
• WIPO Patentscope (query based)
• Patents.com (query based)
• FreshPatents (predefined)
• D-Publish (predefined)
• PatentLens (query based)
• IP Newsflash EP Monitor (predefined)
• DrugPatentWatch.com Drug Patent Expirations

Under IP link collection you will find following patent search, clustering claim analyzing, citation analyzing and other links

General Patent Search (Links to providers)
Boliven - US, WO, EP, JP, KR patent search
DeepDyve-US patents, science&technolgy,business&legal search
Espresso-US patents, markets, research, financing, plcaes, people search
Freepatentsonline: US, EP, JP, PCT documents
FreshPatents.com: US patents search and tracking
Google US patent search
IPN Patent Browser via Espacenet
IPN searchboxes of Boliven, IPEXL, DOEpatents, PatentSurf, FreePate...
IPEXL Excel Client - Simplify your search. Enhance your Analysis.
OTI.com - Global IP market data (Patents;Research;Patent-Bid/Ask;Finance;RoyaltySource;News;Blog)
ParkerIP: Search in USPTO and Esp@cenet Database
PatentAnalysis: INPADOC, US, EP, WO, AU, NZ free patent search
PatentCluster - US patent searching and clustering
PatentLens: Search US, EP, PCT, AU documents
Patentics - Content understanding search engine (US,EP,JP,WO,CN collections)
Patents.com: US, EP documents; patent translations
PatentStorm: US patent documents search
• Power-info: Search in USPTO, Esp@cenet and GlobalSpec databases
Patmedia - Visual patent search
Power-info: Search in USPTO, Esp@cenet and GlobalSpec databases
PRIORsmART Patent Search Portal: Espacenet, USPTO, Google patents, PatentLens, WIPO PatentScope
Setrue Semantic Patent Search Engine, based on USPTO patent database
SumoBrain: JP, PCT, US, EP collections patent search
SureChem - chemical patent search
SurfIP: Search US, PCT, EP, SG, CN, CA, KR, UK, TH, JP
Uppdragshuset: Nordic (DK, FI, NO, SE) Patent Search
US patents by inventor, assignee, class, place, agent
WIPO Intellectual Property Digital Library: PCT, Trademarks, Designs searches
WikiPatents: US, CA, GB, DE, JP patent search

Supporting Tools for Patent Information Searching and analyzing
• Aspator-Firefox extension to USPTO and Espacenet searches
• Biopatent - Collection of IP Software
• Bustpatents US Patent Claim Analysis
• EPOLINE - European Patent Register
• GEMET Thesaurus - multilingual (23) dictionary
• IPCentury's 'IP Analysis'
• IP.com PatentDebate Smart Find
• IPVision Patent Analytics
• istWORLD-Find partners, technologies, competencies and trends ...
• MAXVAL - Patent Tools
• Metrics Group: Citation Bridge - US citations search
• Multilingual Dictionary of IP Terms
• Patent Computer Aided Tactics-US,EP,JP,PCTclaim analycer, famyilies, search
• Patent Matrix's claims mappings
• PatentRetriever
• patentScrounger - visual patent searching
• PatentSURF - surf united states patents
• PatTools - Analysing tools for US patents
• PCT Reminder
• PCT Time Line Calculator
• Sfoftpatent US patent claim analyzer
• SoftPatent.com's US patent claim analysis
• STO's Patent Claim Analysis
• The patentMarvel's PDFinducer: download US patent documents
• VISUWORDS - Online Graphical Dictionary

IP information providers
• Access esp@cenet via the national offices of the member states
• Competitive and Technical Intelligence Toolbox
• EPO: IP webguide - a guide to intellectual property information and services
• IP Estonia Directory
• IPMall
• IP Menu
• IP Newsflash's TOP 50 IP Links
• IPR-Helpdesk
• Law and technology explained, for lawyers and engineers
• Neifeld's Patent Search Links
• Patent Hawk Prior Art Sources
• Patent Information Link Collection provided by WON
• Patent Information User Group
• Pipers IP Links
• Sources of patent information at Rossco’s www corner
• WIPO: Directory of IP Offices
• WIPO: Patent and Trademark Databases in Different Countries
• WON: patent information

IP Forums, Groups, Communities, Jobs, Lists, etc
• China Intellectual Property Forums
• Epoline Forum
• esp@cenet and Online Patent Information Products Forum
• Intellectual Property Law Server
• IP.com PatentDebate
• IPEstonia Intellectual Property ChatRoom
• Inventor Spot: Forum and Website for Independent Inventors
• Legal Force
• Online Forum on Intellectual Property in the Information Society
• PatentBuddy - community for US patent agents
• Patent Lens Forum
• Peer-to-Patent
• PIUG/PATMG Patent Information Discussion List
• relat ip - Patent, Trademark and Copyright professionals network place
• The Attorneys Forum
• The Lone Inventor: Forums

IP Links --> IP Events:
• PLI Patent Seminars
• Patentresources - Workshops
• View IPO and Foundation events only All IP Meetings and Events
• EPO events
• AIPLA Seminars & Road Shows
• IPR University Center - Calendar of Events
• WIPO - Search Meetings and Documents
• Incremental Advantage Intellectual Property Events
• IP and IT Conferences - A resource for scholars
• IPR Helpdesk Events

Tools for Trademark, brand and domain name searchers
Trademark Factory
EU Community Trademark search
• Search for International Trademarks Madrid Express Structured Search and Romarin - Simple search
Search for Nice International Classification Goods and Services
USPTO Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)
Trademarkia - Free US Trademark Search
GazetteGobbler.com-CTM, US, UK, New Zealand, Australian trademark s...
Brand visibility metrics
Brand name availability checker on 120 popular Social Media websites
DomainsBot - domain suggestions, name spinner, expired and expiring...
The EuroDNS Domain Availability Search

National Patent, Trademark and Design Databases (IP Links  “National Patent, Trademark and Design Databases”) contains direct links to national databases in 37 countries: Armenia, Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South-Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA.

Patent classification finders
• IPC and US patent classification search via Google
• IPC 9th edition
• IPC keyword search
• IPC 2008.04 - IT support: Master files and by-products
• ECLA keyword search
• US classification
• IPC v7 Categorization Assistant

Chemicals Search
• PATENT ANALYSIS SureChem Chemical Search
• FreePatentsOnline SureChem Chemical Search

New gadgets:
• Tools - includes number of web 2.0 tool
• Twitter tools - collections of twitter tools
• Social Patent Search gadget, which is also available at http://doiop.com/SocialPatentSearch - browse and search for patent and non-patent information in one browser window at same time, share and Tweet your search and browsing results.
• AddThis Social Bookmarking Button
• Google talk button
• Twit this button

+RSS feeds of WIPO, EPO and other IP news

Twitter Reader!
Follow intellectual property and patent information related tweets directly on IPE Patent Search Toolbar. First 33 IP professionals from Twitter are selected and added to Patent Search Toolbar's Twitter reader:

Download: http://ipestonia.ourtoolbar.com/


In addition Twitter feeds for search terms "patent", "trademark", "copyright", "intellectual property", "inven...

Download: http://ipestonia.ourtoolbar.com/

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Comment by Mikk Putk on March 11, 2011 at 3:39am
Hi Rohit! Thank you very much for your comments and IPAIRS reference. Have you tried IPAIRS yourself already? What do you think?
Comment by Rohit on March 11, 2011 at 3:31am
That was very informative and well written. I look forward for further posts from you. Recently I happened to read an article on Patent searching in India using IPAIRS system, which I felt quite interesting and informative. I would like to bring your kind attention to that post. Below mentioned is an excerpt of the mentioned article.

Performing a search on IPAIRS using keywords is an important step in performing exhaustive patent searches in India. However, the extent of search which can be done by using keywords is limited to title and abstract fields only. One style of performing keyword searches includes the identification of keywords and arranging them in a hierarchy (moving from specific aspects to broader aspects) which is based on the technology that is being searched. e.g. if one is performing a search for a skin care composition which involves a skin lightening agent (niacinamide), then the keywords could be identified in the following hierarchical fashion.
identify all the different keywords for niacinamide… To read more go this way http://www.sinapseblog.com/2011/03/performing-patent-searches-in-in...


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