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861. - IP360Asia Daily. Hot News, Trends, and Useful Links from Asia and the World.
862. - PeerToPatent UK Blog
863. - IP Nuggets. An Intellectual Property Law Blog.
864. - Keystone Intellectual Property is an intellectual property blog for inventors, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Dedicated to provide information related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, product development, and business planning.
865. - Intellectual Property Solicitor
866. - United Innovation Association UK
867. - Markify: 1. # Trademarks, domain names, naming and branding - Four separate areas that often are not that separate. 2. Start-ups and entrepreneurs - The mission of Markify is to help entrepreneurs, and maybe some of our experiences from building Markify can be helpful. 3. Markify news - Features, challenges etc.
868. - Patent Marking Control. Managing patent marking policy and practice.
869. - IP Insider. Insight, People, Transactions
870. - IPPT cases. Intellectual Property Law





847. - Indiana Intellectual Property & Technology Blog: Thinking Globally. Protecting Locally.
849. - Patents & More: Blog on Issues and News Conerning Intellectual Property Law in India
850. - Global Intellectual Strategies: Reverse Engineering, Patent Infringement Analysis, Prior Art Searches & Analysis, Intellectual Property Management, IP Licensing & IP Litigation Support
851. - patents4software: software patent law blog
852. - Intellectual Property Rights
853. - Patent Points
854. - copyfightkenya (c): Official Blog of the Kenya Copyright Board
855. - Search The Way You Think. A Conversation About Intellectual Property and The Joy of Finding Things Out
856. - Global Patent Solutions Blog
857. - IPmonsterIntellectual Property, Technology, and the Law
858. - Phil's Patent Posts. Patents with a printed electronics theme
859. - IPPractice: Canadian Intellectual Property




836. - IPso JURE: The latest developments in UK intellectual property law - via blog, newsletter and podcasts.
837. - ReexamLink: A blog about patent reexamination, reissue and opposition
838. - IPLawAlert: practical Perspectives on Intellectual Property Legal developments
839. - Prior Art Search Focusing on Japan Patent
840. - Patent Daily: created to publish patent related news analysis daily.
841. - IPBIZ: Intellectual property news affecting business and everyday life
842. - The weblog of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice. Here's where editorial panellists, readers and contributors can come together and share their view on all aspects of IP law and practice
843. - Peer To Patent blog
844. - Intellectual Property @ IBM. Thoughts and observations about IP, inventions and patents
845. - Azrights trademark blog
846. - Invention Machine: the suistainable innovation blog



827.  - Domestic and International Patents and Trademarks
828.  - The IPBio Blog
829.  - Intellectual Property Law for Startups
830.  - Patent damages. Updates from the fast moving world of patent damages
831.  - Ideas Uploaded: inventing, licensing, inventor interviews, creativity, ideas
832.  - Greenberg's IP Buzz Blog
833.  - Florida IP Trends: examining Intellectual Property Law Trends in the State of Florida
834.  - obvIPat: Obviously Patentable. The blog for Inventors, In-house Counsels & Entrepreneurs
835.  - I.P. BlawgKeeping up with the latest in intellectual property law






812. - Patents 4 Inventions and Innovations Resource

813. - Patent4Pharma. Be updated with Patent and Pharma world. Your one stop source for current news and learning of basic of patent.

814. - Patents. Request Your Free Patent Kit Now. Get Real Success With Your Patent.

815. - IPT italyBlog

816. -

817. - funny patent and invention

818. - Class 99, the site for design law, in Europe and worldwide. This weblog is written by a team of design experts and fans. To contribute, or join us, or for any other reason

819. - THE BRIGHT SPARK. Novel, inventive and capable of distinguishing. THE BRIGHT SPARK offers an independent and provocative view of recent developments in Intellectual Property law and litigation.

820. - Lawyers practice so their client's IP is ready for gameday.

821. - Review of Intellectual Property and Growth

822. - JIPLP The weblog of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice. Here's where editorial panellists, readers and contributors can come together and share their view on all aspects of IP law and practice

823. - The Domain Blog. Blogging the UDRP and Domain Name Decisions.

824. - Dictionary of Intellectual Property Law

825. - Indexes of Intellectual Properties

826. - Statistical View of Intellectual Properties (IPR: Patent, Country: Korea)




801. - The IP Sectionof Colorado Bar Association
802. - Sustainable Marks. Protecting the Ideas that Protect the Earth. A law blog about trademarks, patents, and advertising - from a green perspective
803. IPelton – branding, trademarks and other intellectual property issues. Observations about brands, trademarks, and other I.P. issues from Erik M. Pelton & Associates.
804. - Patents Post Grant. Oblon, Spivak’s Reexamination/Reissue Practice
Group handlesall aspects of USPTO post issuance proceedings, including appealsto the USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences.
805. - Intellectual Property Rights
806. - New Morning IP Blog: Intellectual Property ¦ Technology ¦ Law
807. - TheIntelligentCrowd Blog: The Art of Sharing Knowledge
808. - Canadian Intellectual Property Blog
809. - Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Newsletter
810. - THE SPARK: Novel, inventive and capable of distinguishing. THE SPARK
offers an independent and provocative view of recent developments in Intellectual Property law and litigation.


791. - Trademarkia Blog: News, Updates and Insights from the Online Trademark Filing
792. - LiBra - Living with Brands
793. - Trademark blog: Trademark Guy, a blog and information from attorney Owen Smigelski
794. - GPM Group: Domains, Internet & Gadgets
795. - idea invention new for tips and guideline to business with creativities
796. - Patent Integration's Blog
797. - Tracking development of my inventions in crossbar electronics, e-beam lithography, and computational architectures
798. - Michael Geist's Blog
799. - Marka Patent
800. - Making Business Wise About Intellectual Property Litigation


777. -Patentology. News and views from the land down under on issues of patent law and practice.
778. - PharmaPatents: Helping You Maximize Your IP in the Chemical, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical Fields
779. - One Patent One Day: Creative,Funny,Stupid Patents
780. - patent newsfeed: Your daily dose of IP related news
781. - Fuentek Intellectual Property Management Blog
782. - inventhelp’s posterous
783. - Global Institute of Intellectual Property
784. - Breaking Domain News
785. - The Domains
786. - Anything Under the Sun Made by Man | Russ Krajec's patent blog
787. - Patenthink
788. - Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under
789. - Legal research beyond the walls at the Law Library.
790. - Innovators Network Blog


766. - E-Commerce and Tech Law Blog
767. - IP4IT Law Blog
768. - BiziBoom - Preserve | Protect | Promote
769. - Intellectual property tax news
770. - Intellectual Property Management Consulting
771. - Clean Energy Patent Growth Index
772. - The Reexamination Center. Your one-stop resource for all things reexamination.
773. - Patentmath's Blog
774. - Patent Law for Inventors
775. - Propiedad Intelectual
776. - Jackassian. IP reloaded — patents, trademarks and intellectual property law


756. - IP Wire is the only newsletter dedicated solely on IP Deals, IP Tech Transfer, and IP Commercialization transactions.
757. - CyberPanda - A blog by Asma Vranaki which analyses important legal developments in the field of cyberspace including privacy, defamation, intellectual property, e-commerce and online property in the UK, EU, USA and the Far East.
758. - Institute for Internet Policy & Law
759. - ICANN Blog. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
760. - PRESUMPTIONOFVALIDITY. Patent Prosecution Presumed Valid | a Patent Law Blog
761. - SEO by the Sea. Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, Consulting, and Research
762. - OptiSourcing - IP Portfolio Optimization and IP Support Outsourcing Rationalization of the costs for management of an IP department and generation of revenues to self-sustain the IP department have become imperatives for CxO level leaders in global corporations. This blog will cover the two tools available to these leaders: 1. Achieving sustainable cost savings by outsourcing, especially to offshore locations, of administrative functions and 2. Smarter management of patent portfolios, saving costs where possible and generation of revenues through monetization
763. - PATracer - Tracking Patent Appeals
764. - THE IP COVERAGE JOURNAL. A Journal Of Insurance Coverage Issues Affecting Intellectual Property
765. - Weiskopf's Intellectual Property Law Blog. A forum for exchanging opinions, thoughts and ideas on interesting and relevant updates in intellectual property news


749. - Visae Patentes [ shared : IP : issues ]
750. - Erik J. Heels is an MIT engineer; trademark, domain name, and patent lawyer; Red Sox fan; and music lover. He blogs about technology, law, baseball, and rock 'n' roll at
751. - SCOTUSBLOG: Supreme Court of The United States Blog
- Intellectual Property Law Insights and Perspectives from the Michaud-Kinney Group
753. - Bastian Best: Computer scientist, Patent Engineer, Patent Attorney trainee
754. - The Art Of Innovation Management: Simplify. Innovate. Manage.
755. - Patent Manager - Share to Learn. This blog covers "everything under the sun" that relates to patents & IP. The focus area of the blog will be unexplored areas related to patent landscapes, technology management, and "cool" facts associated with patents and IP.


742. - Who Owns You? Occasional musings on Gene Patents and IP law.
743. - Stop Patent Piracy
744. - GRAY on Claims. A Claim Construction and Patent Law Blog
745. - Patent Intelligence. Competitive and Technological Intelligence through Informations Mining
746. - Patent Improvement Strategies
747. - The PatSnap Blog. All things about technology, innovation, startup and patents.


738. - This blog covers how software patents threaten Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and what action can be taken to deal with the threat.
739. - Longacre Patent Bar Review. Your Patent Bar Review Solution
740. - PatentNav - IP Search and Management
741. - Antti Kosunen. The goal of my blog is to share business related patent experiences and get comments on impact of patents in business today and tomorrow.


729. - IP Solutions
730. - IP Notes from CAST, Inc. Updates and comments about reusable
semiconductor IP and our IP Cores and System IP products from CAST, Inc.
731. - Silicon Valley IP Licensing Law Blog Silicon Valley’s Resource to Intellectual Property Licensing
732. - IP Outsourcing and Management. A Resource for IP Portfolio Managers and Administrators
733. - Infringing Actions. Intellectual Property and Technology Law and News -- Just the Interesting Bits
734. - IP & Patent News 24/7 Technology,Internet,Bio Patent and Intellectual Property News & Information Service
735. - Patent News Daily
736. - Discussing Yale, intellectual property and biotech industry in New Haven and Connecticut
737. - Eastern District of Texas Federal Court Practice: Paten Cases and Patent litigation haiku

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