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Hello everyone,

The newer version of is now in beta stage. The manual is showed by the fig:

You may have a look by this link. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

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Comment by Bikramjit Singh on November 22, 2009 at 5:27am
Thanks for your spontaneous response Mr.Chi. Though most of my queries are answered by your latest post, but I would still like to see one more thing in it. I saw that we can only search in title and abstract fields. If possible, then please extend the flexibility to search in claims, description and full text as well. By then, I would love to use this database.

Bikramjit Singh
Comment by Chi Chen on November 20, 2009 at 6:57pm
Thanks for your comment. The advanced query constructions are defined here:
Does this fulfill your requirement? Any further feedback would be appreciated.

Instruction Manual

Field code  Meaning 
1 in inventor/發明人/発明者
2 pa applicant/申請人/出願人
3 ti title/發明名稱/発明の名称
4 ab abstract/發明摘要/要約
5 pr priority number/優先權號/優先権号
6 pn publication number/公開號/公開番号
7 ap application number/申請號/出願番号
8 pd publication date/公開日
9 ct cited document/引用文獻/援引
10 pr european classification/ECLA
11 ic international classification/IPC
12 ci ipc core invention
13 cn ipc core additional
14 ai ipc advanced invention
15 an ipc advanced additional
16 ia inventor + applicant
17 ta title + abstract
18 txt title + abstract + inventor + applicant
19 num publication number + application number + priorit number
20 c ci + cn
21 a ai + an
22 ipc ic + c + a
23 cl ipc + ec
CQL  Meaning 
1 ti all "green, energy" All publications where "green" and "energy" are found among all titles.
2 ti=green prox/unit=word ti=energy All publications where one title contains "green" and "energy" together.
3 pd within "20051212 20051214" All publications published 12th, 13th or 14th December 2005
4 pd="20051212 20051214" the same like above
5 ia any "Smith, John" All publications having either John or Smith as a part of the applicant/inventor name
6 pn=EP and pr=GB All publications published by EPO (EP country code in the publication number) having a priority document from United Kingdom (GB country code in the priority number)
7 ta=green prox/distance<=3 ta=energy All publications having words "green" and "energy" in either title or abstract separated by at most 3 words from each other
8 ta=green prox/distance<=2/ordered=true ta=energy All publications having a word "green" followed by a word "energy" in either title or abstract separated by at most 2 words
9 (ta=green prox/distance<=3 ta=energy) or (ta=renewable prox/distance<=3 ta=energy) All publications having either "green" or "renewable" separated by at most 3 words from a word "energy" in either title or abstract, in any order
10 pa all "federal, bureau, investigation" and US All publications with a publication/application/priority document issued by United States (having a US country code in a document number) having "federal", "bureau", "investigation" words in an applicant name
11 pa all "federal, bureau, investigation" and US and pd>2000 like above, published after 2000.
12 pd < 18000101 All publications published in 18th century.
13 ta=synchroni#ed Allows to look for "synchronized" or "synchronised" word in abstract/title
14 EP and 2009 and Smith All publications with application/publication/priority document issued by EPO (having EP country code), published in 2009, having Smith as an applicant or inventor
Comment by Bikramjit Singh on November 20, 2009 at 3:18pm
The tools seems pretty good to me but I would have really enjoyed if this could have offered me to make more 'advanced' or 'complex' query construction.


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