Nanofabrics Patent Search and Analysis Report

A fiber that has a width of less than 1000 nanometers (1000 nm or 1 µm) is generally defined as a nano fiber. A nanoparticle is defined as a small group of atoms or molecules with a radius of less than 100 nanometers (100 nm). Particles on the nanoscale have a very high surface area to volume ratio, whereas this ratio is much lower for objects on the macroscopic scale.

Nanofabrics are textiles engineered with small particles that give ordinary materials advantageous properties such as superhydrophobicity, odor and moisture elimination, increased elasticity and strength, and bacterial resistance. Depending on the desired property, a nanofabric is either constructed from nanoscopic fibers called nano fibers, or is formed by applying a solution containing nanoparticles to a regular fabric.

Applications of nanofabrics have the potential to revolutionize textile manufacturing and areas of medicine such as drug delivery and tissue engineering.

This report looks at the patenting activity around nanofabric processes, different applications  and highlights the key companies involved, patents were categorized as per key processes and applications and highlights the key companies involved. Read complete report by clicking here Nanofabrics Patent Search and Analysis Report.

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