New this Week: Tool Review - Relecura, and A Letter to the FTC Against Frivolous Lawsuits

In March, I was asked by a Google representative to write a letter to the FTC addressing the issue of patent trolls. Looking to turn the focus away from legitimate patent monetization entities, this post discusses the letter I wrote to the FTC, and members of Congress, concerning issues I saw with frivolous patent lawsuits, and how I came to write it.

A review of Relecura was also posted this week. One of the key features of Relecura is it’s application of text mining and semantic analysis techniques to the realm of patent search and analysis. While a reasonably new entrant to the patent search and analysis field, Relecura has incorporated a number of unique and interesting features into a system that allows users to quickly explore patent data and the relationships associated with the concepts contained within them.

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