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Its so true that innovations and technology breakthroughs are not bound to
research labs. Its just an idea and it can come to anyone, anywhere,
anytime. We have many examples of children, celebrities who holds the

But does any prisoner holds a patent ? Never heard of it before.

Recently, China has come up with an idea to give a chance to prisoners to file
for patents. If anyone in the prison come across with an idea, they
will give a chance to him to file for patent. If he succeeded,
government will reduce his sentence period.

Sufficient motivation for prisoners to start on the process.

This initiative has earn many praises from whole of the prison province and
in result, many criminal has already raised patent applications.

Moreover, Gansu IP Office has decided to dispatch senior patent agents to prisons
and help criminals to complete patent application work.

But do you think its a good idea ?


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Comment by Mikk Putk on March 25, 2010 at 2:52am
This is and interesting idea. Really, never heard of it before. Prisoners have lot of time and maybe inventing is something that will help them to return to normal life?


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