Patent Search Tips & Tricks: How to maximize your patent search in Espacenet and USPTO patent databases

Following review gives some hints how to use different web tools to make your patent searching in Esp@cenet and USPTO more effective.

The regular view of search results in Esp@cenet or USPTO database includes just titles and in Esp@cenet some bibliographic data.

When you are Firefox user, then you can add lot more information to your search results by installing some add-ons.
One of the Firefox add-ons is Apator, which allows you to see also abstracts, claims and drawings in your Esp@cenet and USPTO search results:


The other Firefox add-on is PatentlyUseful For the USPTO, which gives you additional links to check document status, patent families, download pdf, etc.

Read more about PatentlyUseful For the USPTO here:

Now, when you have installed these two add-ons, you can start using other tools to search even more faster and if necessary, check documents also in other patent databases.

One option is to download and install IPE Patent&Prior art Search Toolbar, which also works with IE and Safari internet browsers and includes tens of search fields of different patent and science databases, links to patent search and analyzing tools, links to national patent information databases, etc, etc.

If you do not want to use this toolbar, you can also use same option as web based search. On you can find same search fields like on toolbar.

After inserting your search term you can easily choose the database, where to search and switch from one database to other. Result in Esp@cenet are following:

This search page is created by using Conduit software.

To make free patent searching even more interactive I integrated previous solution with UnHub and software and here, on SocialPatentSearch page, you can find additional links to most popular free patent search engines and databases and in addition you have option to Tweet your search results, share your search results in social networks and search in Twitter.


When you use Firefox, Aspator and SocialPatentSearch you will save lot of time and you will be more effective in your patent searching.

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Comment by NAWAB IKRAMULLAH KHAN on September 13, 2009 at 3:32pm
thank you indeed but i do not see where an inventor stands and how long will he take to get his/her patent awarded?


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