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941. http://patentresearch.tumblr.com/ - Patent Research And Analysis Blo.
942. http://patentssupportonline.blogspot.in/ - PATENT BLOG Patent news for you.
943. http://ipeye.wordpress.com/ - IPEye. EYEING IP IN THE EMERGING WORLD.
944. http://www.ims-expertservices.com/blog/  - Bullseye. A Legal blog on expert topics.
945. http://patentplanetblog.blogspot.com/ - Patent Planet
946. http://ricepatinfo.blogspot.com/ - Patent and Trademark Information from Fondren Library, Rice University
947. http://www.patentbolt.com/ - Patent Bolt is a specialized Intellectual Property centric blog. Report on Patent Applications from Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, PC, Patent Figures, Special Reports.
948. http://georgiaiplit.blogspot.com/ - GEORGIA IP LITIGATION. The Georgia IP Litigation Blog monitors patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret cases pending in Georgia federal district courts and in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta. The blog alerts readers to initiation of such cases in the district courts and summarizes relevant orders and opinions from each covered court.
949. http://alleylegal.com/blog/ - Ryan Alley Intellectual Property Law Blog
950. http://patentlaw.jmbm.com/ - Patent Lawyer Blog. Latest developments in Patent Law and Litigation.



933. http://ipduck.blogspot.com/ - IPDuck. The only blog devoted to both intellectual property law and the latest humor from the web.
934. http://hanseniplaw.com/blog/ - Hansen IP Law Blog
935. http://app4reg-blog.blogspot.com/ - app4reg - Automate Routine Patent Processes
936. http://patentfile.org/ - The Inventor's Provisional Patent Resource
937. http://patentrevolution.com/ - The Patent Revolution
938. http://thinkpat.blogspot.com/ - thinkPatent
939. http://ipdraughts.wordpress.com/ - IP Draughts
940  http://larrycady.wordpress.com/ - Analytic Strategies. Cost Effective Analytic Strategies For Businesses Of Any Size.




922. http://octrooifabriek.blogspot.com/ - about Patents
923. http://startupsip.com/ - Startups and IP Strategy. Examining the IP strategy of today's hottest startups.
924. http://blog.hiplegal.com/ - High tech Intellectual Property Legal Blog
925. http://softwarepatentsa.wordpress.com/ - softwarepatentsa. A blog about the patenting of software and related technologies in South Africa and abroad
926. http://www.ipinbrief.com/ - IP In Brief published by Andrew Berger. Innovation, new technologies and new media continue to change and reshape copyright and trademark law. This blog tracks, discusses and comments on these changes. I invite you to join me in this discussion.
927. http://www.eplawpatentblog.com/ - EPLAW Patent Blog
928. http://iplaw.hu/ - Intellectual Property Law Blog dealing with mainly trademarks and domain name issues.
929. http://ipbio.org/IPBioBlog.htm/ - IPBioNetwork Blog
930. https://www.cipherlawgroup.com/blog/ - CipherLaw Blog | Patent and Corporate Issues in Cybersecurity
931. http://ipzine.blogspot.com/ - IP (Patent) Innovation eMagazine. This is general Intellectual Property (Patent) Magazine. The focus of this blog is on IP, innovation and especially on patent commercialization.
932. http://www.patentbuff.com/ - PatentBuff | Musings of an intellectual property lawyer, amateur farmer and heritage enthusiast.



909. http://patentlitigations.blog.co.in/ - Patent Litigations. Find all patent litigation at a single platform (last post July 2008)
910. http://techlawcalgary.blogspot.com/ - Tech Law Calgary. A Software Developer Turned Lawyer Writing About the Most Interesting Bits of Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law News
911. http://blog.patentology.com.au/ - Patentology. news and views on patents and innovation
912. http://blogs.mallesons.com/ - IP Whiteboard. Way more than an everyday interest in IP
913. http://www.biotechcurrents.com/ - Biotech Currents - biotech and life science intellectual property news and developments
914. http://www.cambridgeip.com/index.php?option=com_wordpress - CambridgeIP. Technology Intelligence. open Innovation. IP Strategy.
915. http://ipriskmanagement.blogspot.com/ - IP Risk Management
916. http://cestepatent.wordpress.com/ - "C'est é-p@tent!" A bilingual blog of interest to patent practitioners in Quebec and Canada
917. http://blog.agip.com/ - Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property Blog
918. http://gonzagaip.org/ - Gonzaga IP - A blog run by law students interested in IP law
919. http://ipcounseltothestars.blogspot.com/ - IPCounseltotheStars
920. http://whatsupinip.com/ - What's Up In IP? Lessons on patent, trade secret, trademark and copyright law for engineering & technology managers, engineers and scientists
921. http://www.crowdipr.com/blog- CrowdIPR blog: intellectual propery, patents, prior art, startups, crowdsourcing





891. http://remarquebleblog.com/ - Remarqueble
892. http://networks.tm.biz/news/ - TM.biz blog
893. http://ipchimp.wordpress.com/ - IP Chimp. A primate's take on the Intellectual Property jungle
894. http://knowem.com/blog/ - knowem? Names, brands and trademarks.
895. http://www.web2rights.org.uk/blog/ - Web2Rights
896. http://intellectualpropertylawreviews.com/ - Intellectual Property Law reviews
897. http://ice-ip.blogspot.com/ - UNCATCHABLE RIGHTS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY'S WONDERLAND. Trademarks, Brands, Patents, Designs, Made in Italy, Copyrights, Competition Law, Contracts and Enforcement
898. http://www.complexip.com/news-events/complex-i-p-blog/ - ComplexIP Intellectual Property Law blog
899. http://www.patentsearchinvestigators.com/blog.html - Patent Search Investigators. Better search. Better patent.
900. http://confederateinvention.wordpress.com/ - Confederate Invention. The Story of the Confederate States Patent Office and Its Inventors
901. http://www.walkerdigitaldefense.com/wdblog/ - Walker Digital Defense Blog
902. http://www.virginiaiplaw.com/ - Virgina ip Law. Analysis and sommentary by Troutman Sanders attorneys on developments in intellectual property law, with a focus on the Eastern District of Virginia and Western District of Virginia
903. http://www.patentlawagency.com/patent_law_category/blog - Patent Law Agency
904. http://allthingspatent.wordpress.com/ - All things patent. Intellectual property news, litigation trends, and analysis.
905. http://patentlawcenter.pli.edu/ - PLI Patent Law practice Center
906. http://patent-ed.blogspot.com/ - Patent-Ed. Your source for patent and tech news...
907. http://ipdraughts.wordpress.com/ - IP Draughts
908. http://ipatentattorney.org/- ipatentattorney. Helping inventors understand patents and the patenting process





881. http://sonalkirty.blogspot.com/ - PHARMACEUTICAL PATENTS All about patents and pharma industry....
882. http://spectrumofintellectualpropertyrights.blogspot.com/ - Spectrum of Intellectual Property Rights. A blog discussing the current buzz in the global IP scenario to keep you updated
883. http://patentsind.blogspot.com/ - All about Patents
884. http://iptarget.blogspot.com/ - IP Target. Destroying IP of patent trolls one patent at a time.
885. http://patentbric.com/ - The Patent bric. a blog about intellectual property and innovation in the emerging economies.
886. http://jornalpropriedadeintelectual.blogspot.com/ - Jornal Propriedade Intelectual. Nosso objetivo é consolidar informações, notícias e novidades sobre propriedade intelectual no Brasil e no Mundo
887. http://usipnow.com/ - USIPNow. Invention Innovation Technology Patents
888. http://tigerintellectual.wordpress.com/ - Trademark Registration in Malaysia Singapore China Tiger Intellectual
889. http://www.trademarksandbrands.com/ - Trademarks + Brands
890. http://blog.lawpivot.com/- LawPivot - Crowdsourced and Confidential Legal Advice for Businesses


871. http://blog.ip.com/ - ip.com: Discover Intellectual Property
872. http://www.cridon.de/ - Cridon, Innovation and Design blog
873. http://www.markmatters.com/ - Markmatters, not just another trademark blog.
874. http://origiinipae.blogspot.com/ - Origiin Blog [Intellectual Property Rights]
875. http://nipclaw.wordpress.com/ - NIPC Law. Bringing high quality advice and advocacy to those who need them most but can often afford them least
876. http://theipdove.blogspot.com/ - The IP Dove. Exchange of knowledge of copyrights, patents, intellectual property, legal agreements, and related matters. Handling and solving issues pertaining to obtaining or licensing patents, copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property.
877. http://legalintangibles.com/ - Legal Intangibles. Touching upon intangible rights in an intelligible way…
878. http://www.cotmanip.com/blog/ - Cotman IP
879. http://lawgeeknz.posterous.com/- l@w.geek.nz

880. http://writtendescription.blogspot.com/- Written Description. Reviewing Recent Scholarship on Patent Law, IP Theory, and Innovation



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