PatentInspiration, a free patent search and analysis tool

PatentInspiration is a free online patent search & analysis tool, created by CREAX Software NV. Building upon the success of CreationSuite, PatentInspiration takes patent analysis to the next level. Free analyses and powerful visualizations allow everyone to get quick insight into patents.

Data coverage

The PatentInspiration database, like most other commercial patent databases, is based on the DOCDB database from the EPO (European Patent Office). The DOCDB database contains bibliographic data from over 90 countries, including titles, abstracts, applicants, inventors, citations, literature citations, code classifications and family info. The database is updated on a weekly basis, allowing you to stay at the forefront of innovation.

The PatentInspiration database contains full text (claims & descriptions) of the main searched authorities (WO, EP, US, CA, …). Patent images are also available of more than 10 authorities (WO, EP, US, GB, …).


Figure 1. Simple search

Figure 2. Advanced search


You can search entire companies, technologies and products in a matter of minutes. Although searches are performed through more than 66 million patents, the searches are quick and accurate. PI offers 2 types of searches:

  • Simple search: just enter what you are looking for in the search box on the PatentInspiration homepage.
  • Advanced search: create different filter lines and use Boolean operators to easily exclude or add patents for any kind of search. On each filter, you can search selectively on Applicants, Keywords, Inventors, Patent Codes and Patent Numbers. This allows you to refine your data pool.



Figure 3. List view

Figure 4. Thumbnail view

Figure 5. Detail view


The results page shows you all the patents that are found with your search query. The faceted navigation on the left allows you to quickly get insight into your data pool. You can view the results in 3 different views (List, Thumbnail or Detail). You can perform several actions on your results, such as exporting to Excel or Powerpoint.


Figure 6. Analyze page

Figure 7. Activity analysis

Figure 8. Activity analysis results for 2011


PatentInspiration offers a unique view on patents, based on its combination of intelligent text analyses & powerful visualizations. Each visualization is interactive, allowing you to quickly zoom in on your data, or modify your search filter. For example, in an Activity analysis (Figure 7), clicking on the bar corresponding to a given year will immediately open all patent hits for that year (Figure 8). Just like with patent search results, you can easily export the all analyses to PowerPoint.

PatentInspiration offers 3 subscription plans: Basic (99€/month), Team (199€/month) and Enterprise (499€/month). Signing up for a subscription gives you several advantages over the free usage:

  • Watermark-free patent images
  • Use of the more advanced analyses
  • Saving of reports (unsaved reports are removed after 48 hours)
  • Sharing of reports

          o Public sharing (with everyone by sending the url)
          o Team sharing (with every member of your team)
          o Private sharing (with selected users)

  • Use of alerts to keep track of specific technologies/companies/…
  • Custom export template for PowerPoint export
  • Access to user statistics of accounts
  • Export of all patents to Excel & PowerPoint (free users can export the first 10 patents)
  • Export of analyses to PowerPoint (not allowed for free users)

Sample report on Nanotechnology
To get to know PatentInspiration, check out the sample report on nanotechnology. Using a simple search on “nanotechnology”, you quickly get an overview of the trends linked with this technology, the companies investing in it and its applications.

The powerful visualizations give quick insight into the data pool, eliminating the need to scroll through thousands of patents. The text analyses give insight into the functions and properties linked with nanotechnology, its current problems and the materials that are under investigation. Finally, the clearly organized patent viewer allows you to screen selected patent documents into detail.

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