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Welcome to a refreshingly smarter way of working with Patent Data!

Searching through vast patent databases, sorting, filtering, comparing, analyzing, creating reports and project management has typically involved tedious processes and juggling large amounts of files. PatSeer takes the ‘tedious‘ out of the equation and brings you a fresh Web 2.0 approach to searching, analyzing, comparing, collaborating, sharing and managing patent data projects. It’s simple and smart. Don’t take our word for it…try it to see for yourself at   

About Us

  • Established in 2004
  • Launched Patent iNSIGHT Pro in Jan 2006 and gained quick market acceptance to achieve more than 400 users across 100+organisations globally
  • Track record for customer satisfaction from product and post-sales support services.
  • Strong Customer references in key IP verticals such as Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Electronics, Medical Devices, IP services and Research Labs.
  • Strong Focus on R&D and continuous product enhancements that solve greater challenges and needs of IP professionals

What content goes into PatSeer?

Has all the things you would expect in an industry grade database 


  • 30 million+ full text records of 15 countries and 60 million+ biblio records covering 95 + countries
  • PDFs, Front Page Images, Mosaics, Simple/Extended Families, Bwd/Fwd Citations and more
  • New publications updated the same week


  • Search full-text in Original Language and English. (English title and abstract taken from equivalent family member where not available)
  • Legal Status Search enhancements include date range, Event, Event Country (Incl. Designated Country Code events for EP,WO)
  • No compromise on search techniques –Proximity, complex Boolean with proximity, command line searching, wildcards, truncation

Search Aids

  • Normalized Assignee Names for Top 3000 companies
  • Looking up Matching Assignee /Inventor names
  • Semantic Search Suggester
  • Search History and Saved Searches

Search Result Handling

  • Collapse results by family or de-duplicate Patent and Applications from results
  • Multiple Views (Tabular/Standard/Standard+Family), Custom View, Detailed Record View
  • Multiple Detailed view of a records can be opened in separate window tabs to allow for easy comparison
  • Analyze search results via charts (column/line/pie/area/bubble/heatmap/geographical map)
  • Inbuilt translation engine to translate all non-English claims to English.


  • Export upto 20K records  at a time in Word/Excel/CSV format
  • Charts can be also included in Word and Excel exports


  • Create different weekly and monthly search alerts


  • Save and analyze upto 50K records in a project

So whats unique about PatSeer?

Integrated Corporate Tree for Top 2500 Companies

Lookup Corporate tree for precise Company ownership searches. Clean integration of Corporate tree right into the Search form.

Integrated filters within results – Instant insights!

Filter results by one or more fields instantly. Quickly find and answer to a questions such as:

  • Between 2000-2012, who were the key inventors of Toshiba in IPC Class F21V in my search results ?
  • Generate charts and tables on filtered portion of results

The answer … (to the question in the previous slide)

Chart Layers –Multi-dimensional and Cross-dimensional

PatSeer Projects are not Folders!

  • Not just folders where you would put some patents and analyze or export them.
  • PatSeer Projects is where you invite collaborators ( external search firm, counsels), setup business dashboards for R&D/management , create workflows for ongoing tasks and get work done! 

Hierarchical categorization within Projects

Create your organizational taxonomy and make your analysis more business relevant!

  • No limit on number of categories
  • They can be up to 5 levels deep

Patent Dashlets™ 

Create multiple dashboards for different teams. (E.g. legal, marketing). Each dashboard combines fields relevant to each team.

  • Share multiple dashboards from one project each being exclusive to a team
  • Dashlet can c0ntain interactive Custom fields such drop-downs, bullets, checkbox etc

Collaboration and Security

Share platform and not just data !

  • Share projects with anyone (who need not be a subscriber)
  • Control what the other person can view and how he or she can interact with the project data
  • Prevent one shared user from seeing other shared user’s data
  • Limit viewing of a shared user to only a subset of records in a project

And more…

Other unique capabilities:

  • Multi-Lingual Command line Search (Include Latin and non-Latin search terms in single statement)
  • Semantic Search Suggester
  • Inbuilt Family Tree generator
  • Forward and backward Co-citation Analysis (Rank records similar to a records by way of commonly cited patents)
  • Unique Charts such as two-dimensional Pie chart, Bubble Matrix Chart and Vertical/Horizontal Stacked Area Chart
  • Many different types Custom Field Types inside Projects such List-limited, Checkbox, Yes/No and Date
  • Per-record Multi-User commenting
  • Upload Word/Excel files as attachment on a per-record basis or at project level
  • Capability to Filter and Analyze Custom-data points (flags, rating, custom fields, categories) just like other Biblio fields

PatSeer Summary

  • An Industry Grade Database with a Web2.0 interface that’s clean, intuitive and extremely easy to use
  • A collaboration platform that helps get work done !
  • Built on a auto-scaling architecture that can help take on a 1000 simultaneous users without any additional configuration
  • Built by Gridlogics whose team has a combined experience of more than 100 person-years in patent analytics and data mining
  • Client Support available via email and phone. Online training given to all users for no extra fees. Access to learning center videos provided

Please contact us for Free Demo & Trial

US Tel:      +1-408-689-2603

UK Tel:   +44-20-3286-2300

Asia Pacific Tel:   +91-22-3220-8312

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