Simple and Powerful Patent Analysis is a patent search and analysis tool developed by Docracy Inc, already known for their library of open source contracts. enables users to effectively analyze large amounts of text for linguistic similarities to existing patent applications, in a simpler and more affordable way.  And before you acquire expensive legal and patent search services, can do a lot of the dirty work quickly and for a small fraction of the cost. This is possible thanks to a search algorithm that applies genomic sequencing techniques to patent text (co-founder John Watkinson got his Ph.D. at Columbia University, and he’s one of the brains behind the “document genome” project)

Searching takes a very different, intuitive approach to patent searching. No keyword combination to learn, no classes to guess, but the user can search by simply copy/pasting a phrase, a paragraph, or even uploading a whole patent application. The powerful algorithm of compares and analyzes the text across its database, and in a few seconds quickly turns up similar patents, sorted by a color-coded similarity score. is somewhere in between the free approach of Google Patents and costly services that use copious manual labor to discover prior art.

The first step is to start a “project”, that loosely corresponds to a case, or a patent you are researching.  It’s extremely easy to use: just enter whatever text you want - a complete draft, a particular claim you’re trying to invalidate (or to draft), an abstract, or even the blueprints that came to you in a dream.  The example used here is a patent application for an electric razor.

Once you start a project, you can perform unlimited searches, or “drafts”, on that topic. For example, you can seed a search using the whole application, or just start with the abstract, or search the claims: will automatically break down each claim and run a separate anamysis for each.


Results are scored based on the similarity of the language - the higher the score, the greater the similarity. The color-coded score helps you quickly identify the most similar patents, and immediately points you to the most relevant paragraph. If you want to read more, you can click the result and read the full patent on Google.

Each draft will break down the results of your search into two categories: Overall and Paragraph. Overall matches list entire patents that are similar to your search text, without regard to how long it is. “Paragraph results” will show specific sections from patents in the database that match each paragraph of your search text.

While overall matches might show you generally what’s out there, the paragraph-by-paragraph analysis provides linguistic matches that might span across fields and expand your understanding of the technical landscape.  Click on any overall match to view the patent or any paragraph match to view the complete list of results for that particular paragraph. You can view and interact with sample results here.

The current database is now the collection of granted patents from 1976 to now, but it will be expanded further in the future to include filed applications.

Downloadable Reports

The results are also downloadable as comprehensive and professional-looking PDF reports, which include overall and paragraph analyses, as well as the full text and diagrams of the top overall patent matches.  The reports are 100% guaranteed: meaning that if you’re not happy with them, your money ( charges $299 per project - with unlimited drafts) will be refunded.

You can also customize the report by “ignoring” certain results, and starring others, thus being able to download a report with only the patents you highlighted after the algorithm did the dirty part of the work. You can download a sample report here or on homepage.

Conclusion has many peculiarities compared to other search tools. Its main feature is the ability to take you fast and effortlessly to relevant results, that you can further scrutinize via the web or the PDF report. Its natural and versatile approach to search makes it an ideal tool for searchers of any skill level, and any task that involves a patent search.  The service is priced on a convenient per-use fee (subscriptions are available upon request).

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