Actually not....but...nevertheless there is something. In Germany you can protect your inventions or even "inventions" as utility models.

Anyway, I made a search to check is there something in patent databases regarding vuvuzela.

And guess what - there are two solutions registered as utility models in Germany.

DE202009015793U1 - Blow horn e.g. Vuvuzela trumpet, for use by e.g. spectator, during football match, to cheer team, has funnel-shaped resonance body arranged adjacent to mouth piece, where horn is produced form foamed plastic material.

This blow horn is published at February 18, 2010 and owner is PROMEX GMBH and you can buy their here vuvuzelas.

Other solution is DE202009003578U1 - Wind instrument, which is made of plastic, particularly high-density polyethylene, and has mouthpiece and resonance body that expand to mouthpiece, where resonance body is formed in two-part.

Published last year on May 14 and owned by Urbas Frank - vuvuzela reseller in Europe.

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