Warning: your electronic patent search databases have gaps!

Recently, a message came over Carl Oppedah’s PAIR discussion list
highlighting a mysterious gap in the USPTO’s online patent database:
data seemed to be missing for patent numbers between 6,363,527 and

Rick Neifeld, of Neifeld IP Law, responded that his 1999 survey into the PTO’s data revealed many errors in the USPTO’s data, as many of us have probably suspected for some time. Rick’s description of these
errors is very interesting:...

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Comment by Mikk Putk on October 14, 2010 at 12:58pm
Right, and unfortunately this problems are not only in USPTO database. You may find gaps and errors (for example wrong document numbers, partial patent classes, misspelled names and addresses, etc) in all patent databases. In addition there are different type of gaps. One are these like you described here. The others are caused by the publishing time gap between national patent offices and patent information vendors. You may see this for example in Espacenet - the published national patent document may be available there few days later.


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